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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday Div!

  2. Chris, I'l go for a pair in Platinum ICE (1CO) please. Let me know the money details. Div.
  3. Div

    What Tyres?

    Have a look at; http://www.dave-good.com/files/Tyre_reviews_031203.xls if you're interested, it's various 17" tyres with thier scores from online tyre tests complied together. I haven't updated it for a while, but it's a good guide and comparison. May be of some use. Div.
  4. From http://rockbox.haxx.se/lock.html;... 1. Grab atapwd (http://rockbox.haxx.se/atapwd.zip) 2. Create a bootable DOS floppy disk, and put atapwd.exe on it 3. [...] plug it into a laptop (or a standard PC, using a 3.5" => 2.5" IDE adapter) 4. Boot from the floppy and run atapwd.exe 5. Select the locked harddrive and press enter for the menu 6. [...] For Toshiba and Hitachi disks, if the above doesn't work: Choose "unlock with master password", then "disable with master password". The password is all spaces. Your disk is now unlocked. Shut down the computer and remove the disk. Also wade through http://www.experts-exchange.com/Storage/Q_...Q_20525321.html and see if you can gleen anything from there. Good Luck! Div.
  5. Take a look at: www.dave-good.com/files/Tyre_reviews_031203.xls It's a sheet I try to keep updated - with tyre reviews and prices. You may find it useful. Let me know if you find any errors! HTH, Div.
  6. Well I didn't need to do much convincing, a simple call to Lexus Reading to give them the low-down, and my car was in before I knew it having the water pump and ball joints done under warranty. Nice one Reading. Div.
  7. It's a Lexus extended warranty (from when I bought the car from Lexus Guildford), from speaking to Oxford it looks as if extended warranty's are done through a broker; hence the decision whether something is wear-and-tear or not - is down to the broker. I've spoken to Reading again and they're on the case to get a final answer, if nexessary I'll have a little chat to Lexus GB too. I could do with finding my list of what's covered under the warranty and what isn't - can anyone help? Div.
  8. Both the pump and the ball-joints seem to be a common problem from reading the posts. Still I'm glad the pump's under warranty, even if the ball-joints aren't... hopefully I'll make a few calls tomorrow and get them to confirm whether the waranty covers it or not. Thanks for your replies so far. Div.
  9. Hmm... sounds like I should have a chat about getting these done under warranty. JMR> were yours done at Lexus Oxford? Does anyone have a list of what's is, or isn't covered under the extended warranty?
  10. My is200's just been in for a 70k service, along with a leaking water pump, and rear pads being worn, I've been told that there's not much life left in the ball joints. As I've got an an extended warranty the pump's covered; but the ball joints aren't; however I've done a couple of searches on here and seen that some people have had the ball-joints done under warranty - can anyone verify this, and do you think I've got enough to argue my case after 70k? I'm thinking that the wear-and-tear arguement is fairly strong. (BTW; the quote is about £360 for the ball-joints including labor). Thanks for your advice, Div.
  11. On that TV program "right car, wrong car" The dealers nearly always went down to thr 5% mark, not sure Lexus would oblige, but always worth thinking about. Div.
  12. I concurr with the other Geoffers and the other guys; it's almost certainly a power issue, which will only be resolved by getting a powered hub. HTH, Div.
  13. btw, the ignition has to be on for it to eject. I thought mine was dead, until I realised this ;) HTH. Div.
  14. What's not clear with those ratings is whether they take the cost into effect. I mean I've never really heard of anyone running Uniroyals, let alone raving about them - so I'm a bit dubious as to whether they're as good as they appear to be using their ratings - there are some serious tyre's out there that's they've wiped the floor with (if you combine all the categories). I'd be interested to know if anyone's got experience of them - I guess they're probably bigger elsewhere in Europe? Div.