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  1. So as we all know snow will no doubt fall, and cause havoc, salt will run dry and no one will be prepared. This is my first time driving the Lexus in the snow, and RWD for that matter. I'm looking to invest in some weights in the boot, some snow socks, shovel and grit ;) I'm not planning to put winter tyres on and my run to work is around 20miles fairly flat and only the odd hill. Does this sound enough preparation, I know your probably say get a bus pass but I will at a last resort, use the train. Rather do this now before its too late tough to get hold of them and they hike the prices.
  2. Mine is alot shorter than many others but here we go: 91' Metro GTi 92' Toyota Celica 04' Vauxhall Astra 1.6 06' Vauxhall Vectra 2.2 05' Lexus IS250 SE
  3. Took my Is250, manual in for its major service today so the works was done, including two new tyres. On the drive home I noticed when overtaking a strange noise was being made once I hit over 4k rpm, sounded a bit like a when you press the push start button and you have that noise when the dials go round, but it was constant any idea's?
  4. I would personally say these engines would 9x out of 10 out last a fords engine both being serviced
  5. I really don't see the point on electric cars, firstly if every car owner had to charge their car in this country surely we're have to build extra power plants, demand more fossil fuels or nuclear to meet demand, and release more emissions in the process. Hybrid does seem a step forward though, some interesting stuff about Thorium being used to power a car and only 8 grams is needed to power a car for years very interesting stuff. Here is the link, very interesting: Oil will not run out anytime soon, Falklands, Mexico has more than Saudi Arabia hidden underneath just a case of drilling into it. I'm sure after all this technology someone will probably event a way to neutralise all emissions.
  6. I was quoted £590, mine has only done 42k but being a 55 plate its 6 years so due the major.
  7. When I looked for them alot of places were out of stock, blackcircles had some if I remember correctly.
  8. I haven't no, thank you I will look them up. Well looks like a good saving is in order, especially as they need doing around the same time as my major service so that £590.
  9. I need to replace my rear bridgestone tyres, and have seen a pair of Kuhmo's at £100 a corner fully fitted. Now I've heard very good things about them but not sure whether just to go back to bridgestones again even though they are an extra £60 each?
  10. Sorry still new to the Lexus and plenty of questions, my exhausts on the back look tatty so was interested in getting some new tips. I went down to a local exhaust garage and enquired, the tips didn't seem viable due to not enough room and they would stick out further which I really didn't want. He could of mounted them over the top but then inside wouldn't look that great, so the other option would be new back boxes. When inspecting the underneath, he commented the Y-piece connecting to them both looked more squashed down not round and said bet that would be restrictive. So do you think two new back boxes would release some power? Also would it sound silly being a Lexus luxury car to have a bit of grunt to it? Many Thanks
  11. Is there any specific styling or tuning companies for Lexus, for example BMW have Alpina, Vauxhall have Irmscher etc..?
  12. Sorry probably an extremely silly question just below my tax disc holder is a round black disc just under a cm thick, what in the world is it? Its got a wire leading into it?
  13. Just wanted to say hello, brand new here and looks like an excellent community. Just bought a Lexus IS250 SE after being a previous owner of a Vauxhall Vectra, so just a little upgrade :winky:. Just have a few questions really and some advice: - Noticed some people have a rear boot spoiler lip, where can these be purchased from, noticed they sell similar on ebay but guessing there not the same quality. - Will be performing a service soon and I like to supply my own parts, what oil should I use? - Is the car driven by a cambelt or chain? - Is there any unofficial websites that deal in lexus styling parts other than the dealers? Many Thanks
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