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  1. Hi, Yes I still have these for sale. Thanks Rim
  2. Hi Guys, I have for sale a set of genuine 18" F sport alloys from my IS250. They are in very good condition, the rears are immaculate. Fronts do have a few scuffs on them. Tyres are also in good condition but may need changing on the front for MOT. These were taken off the car before I sold it some years ago and they have just been sitting in the garage since. I still have the original boxes that these came in from the dealership. As you can see from the picture, these really set the car off and look great on. Happy to send more pics if required. Collection from North London prefe
  3. I chose the lightest tint that they had, but I would think that they are not legal (not tested), as the car comes from factory with a slight tint on it already. Its not overly dark in real life, but it does look darker in the pictures.
  4. I have started to encounter this of late to, it will be interesting to find out what it is as I did not expect to be experiencing this from a Lexus
  5. Thanks F.A, you've got it spot on, I really wanted all the features of the Se-L over the F-sport, and when I bought it, an F sport was considerably more. As I had to shell out about £1000 for the alloys I won’t be re-painting them, hence I’ll be keeping the roof as is, but if I do it would definitely be a gloss finish. I'm based in north London which isn’t to far from Greenford, although I can’t say I remember being down there of late.
  6. Hi guys, It’s been a year now since I’ve owed my IS 250 so I thought I would share some pictures of its progress thus far. I searched far and wide for the perfect car, (had to be an SE-L MM, with the SR kit on) and I ended up paying a little over the odds for it, but oh well. When I picked it up from the Lexus showroom: Then just before colour change (4 days after purchase): After colour change: And finally with new alloys and tints: Hard to show the colour in the pictures, it’s actually two tone pearl and depending on the sun it can show a hint of green, blue, purple and
  7. Preferably, I'm after an 07 with around 40k on the clock. When I last checked there were only a few se-l's that have the MM pack also. But if you have found any I'd love to see them.
  8. Started out with a budget of around 10k, that’s now increased to 12k. But if I found a se-l in white with the SR kit on it I'd go up to 15k. There isn't much options in terms of colours, that’s my main concern as there are plenty of nice examples in grey and silver, but I would prefer a colour that is slightly out of the ordinary.
  9. Thanks guys, I think I'll hold out for the Se-l then. Now its just a matter of finding one.
  10. Hi guys, I’m new to the club and am looking at buying a Lexus IS. Could anyone tell me the difference between the Se spec and the Se-L spec as I cant seem to find it anywhere? I am looking for a Se-L MM but there doesn't seem to be many around for my budget, although I have found several Se's. If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rim
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