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  1. I'm glad I haven't got any of them!
  2. Nice job mate! I couldn't of done it for three hours!
  3. I don't think they look chavy! I have some in my car and they protect my seats well.
  4. Thanks for sharing the videos!
  5. What the hell, I never knew any of this!
  6. Hey thanks for the advice ( especially the avoid selling outside the uk) I will make sure I'm careful if I decide to sell on there. Yes I am from Derbyshire, but I didn't go to the Lexus Open Road at Staunton Harold Hall, didn't know it was happening to be honest which may be due to the fact that I was on holiday then for two weeks! B)
  7. Been wanting to sell stuff on ebay for along time but I've been abit a apprehensive of it, so thanks for the advice it will help me alot!
  8. .. I'm new to this forum! Just recently bought a Lexus CT200N, and thought this would be a good place to get advice form if I ever have any issues! Cheers!
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