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  1. They are good tyres. I have just installed them on my BMW 645Ci and they are excellent especially on the wet.
  2. What are the symtoms? we had major problems with our GS300, thinking it was the brake pump ... had this replaced (it was fine... not a problem on that)... wrongly spent money. Then I thought it was the rear sensors... so got and replaced two of them ... not fixed the problem either. What the problem was, the ABS rings inside the hubs were grinded down from the corrosion in the hubs them selves. Well known problem with these cars. I had to get new rings and replace them... and also clean all the excess rust in the hubs. This fixed my problems. Best done by a DIY ... than a garage though, not sure if a garage would like to tackle that kind of task. FYI. Lexus does not sell the rings, they will only sell you the whole rear hub.. or driveshafts. which are more than the value of the car for each side.
  3. We have owned a lot of French cars, even now have a Renault Laguna Coupe which I do enjoy driving as my daily commuter. However I do like my creature comforts.. lol :) I would not like much of a 2CV. I would not even think of paying £3000 of my own pocket... lol for a glovebox. Lets hope the warranty does though. :-) oh oh ... we were given the LC500 V8 for 2hrs test drive last Saturday ... ooohh yes :D :D lol It did turn all the heads! for sure drivers or passing by's such a lovely car!
  4. My CLS500 was damaged in Milan, by the hotel concierge service, the guy decided to clip the corner of the wall with my passenger side rear quarter panel, both side doors and mirror. I was not driving my car, the accident took place in private land (hotel car park) and also it happened when abroad which my insurance only covers me as 3rd party fire and theft. Total quoted repair cost by Mercedes dealer just over £3000 ... Mercedes dealer insisted to go through my insurance to do the repair as this makes their life easier with payments. The Hotel on the other hand wants this closed and dealt with the soonest possible as they feel bad with the inconvenience caused so far... Everyone or at least the majority has told me that I HAD to report it to my insurance although it has nothing to do with me, I made the brave step and called my brokers accident line, before I even started giving account details, I was just describing what happened. The agent in short told me, they did not want to know, it is not a claim therefore it has nothing to do with my insurance. However in my case, the hotel is paying all the repair bill and then the hotel is claiming it back from their Italian insurance, however from what I understand the insurance is not an automotive insurance... not sure if it makes any difference, In your case, although the Lexus loaner had it's own insurance, your insurance still covers you to drive 3rd party cars, am I right? so I assume on that understanding they would like to know of the accident as you were the driver of the car at the point of accident. Since it is a no fault claim when it is over and one with your premium in all fairness should not rise. I had a non fault claim with my insurance about 7yrs ago, poor car was a write off, however I did not have any increase on our premium the year after the claim. (whole thing took about 3 months to settle)
  5. Hello all, So the car went in yesterday to have new front disks and pads fitted (again) the previous owner had them changed about 8000miles ago but they were warped and the car was pulling to the left. I did say to the dealership to look for binding callipers,they said everything was working well ... (could not see why it was pulling to the left without pressing on brakes) they said it would be tyres and tracking, I installed brand new bridgestone Potenza's S001 on the front and also did a 4-way tracking and still was pulling to the left. Since they replaced the brakes, everything is working well... I opted to have them done by the dealership as the cost was not much only £350 all in. And also I get the 12 month parts warranty plus if it is the calliper causing the whole problem then they will own up to it and put it under the extended warranty. In the meantime the dealership have replaced under the extended warranty the rear differential seal as it was leaking a bit of oil, they had one in stock but they did not like the shape of it before they remove it from the packaging therefore they ordered a new one and changed it this morning. While the car was in the garage I asked them to have a look at something strange that had developed, I assumed it would just be the case of an adjustment?.... the glovebox dropped a few mm ... therefore it now bounces when it is in the closed position. No rattle sound... just annoying to catch with the corner of your eye. The dealership mentioned something about a service bulletin and that there is no adjustment that can take place. Therefore the mechanism has to be replaced. I said OK, have a look maybe with the warranty people and see what happens. Apparently the warranty people had to come today to the garage to inspect the glovebox due to the high cost of the repair before they consider the claim... I then asked what is the cost? I then was told just over £3,000!!!! Anyhow I expect an answer next week hopefully. Just make sure you look after your gloveboxes! lol :D Cheers
  6. AAaahhh my old car!!! :) :) Sorry I was away on my 3 week european drive holiday ... (don't ask!) could not have been more disasterous! lol As many of you might have gathered over the years I do not change my cars because there is a major problem ... lol but I do miles in them (many in a short period) and then sell them to a new good home. In other words I enjoy them haha. You got an excellent car there, yeah the exhaust had fallen off (middle part seperated from back box) so I had it repaired off the car, repaired the pipe etc. The previous owner to me, had repaired the back box, and I assumed they might have done the repair on the car as soon later the battery came with the fault I bought the car with. I was pleased I bought the car with the battery fault as then I had full control of the repairs (thanks to Richard - Hybridsolutions) and I had peace of mind and trust to the car moving forward. I know the reason I sold the car and it was for a change, I fancied a V8, yes I know already had the LS460 lol but then my heart was set on the CLS500 which I bought. Apparently the owner after me and the one you bought the car from I assume, was complaining to me about poor fuel economy lol :) I assume to much fun with the right pedal. On another note, I had my Mercedes CLS500 brought to me by the Hotel concierge so I can load the car and continue to come back to UK last night ... and only to be greeted with this!!! CLS500 vs Italian Wall .... lol 0-1
  7. Black Cap is valuing that LS460 with mileage and year at the following prices Clean : £9,750 Average : £9,125 Below: £8,475 Glass's guide Trade price is £10,129
  8. :) Speaking from personal experience, I have bought several times from BCA and I have to say they do not have "ghost" bids. They do have good ethics when it comes to that. The majority of the buyers are traders, very little public attends to their auctions I assume due to the hours, as they usually start 9:30 and finish by 15:00ish. with some exceptions.
  9. They do declare at the moment of the Auction that the power steering is non operational, so who ever is bidding is well aware of this. The car has reached £7.5k ... and not sold as the reserve is higher. The seller is Webuyanycar :) which company is bought by BCA a few years back. So effectively the auction owns the car and sells it to dealers. lol
  10. I personally think it is over priced, as it is meant to be going for about £2,500 more for what we paid for our '57 plate LS460 Not sure how expensive would it be to replace or repair the electric steering rack issue. The same time who ever buys it has no chance on extended Lexus warranty for upcoming potential problems :(
  11. Well it has gone through the auction a few times and it cannot reach it's reserve. It ended up there via WeBuyAnyCar mmmm
  12. Hi Graham the main holder card has arrived with the welcome pack. waiting for the extrs member card to come in the next 10 days :-)
  13. Got a pleasant surprise yesterday through the post. They did not tell me this at Lexus when I took the warranty. Apparently I got a proper breakdown cover for the whole year, that covers me as a driver or passenger in any car. And also proper European cover. Came in time... as I was going to renew the AA end of this month. Saved us £240 of an AA joint membership. Excellent :)
  14. OK all done. The has now one year extended warranty. :) Regarding the 10yr ... the warranty has to be taken the latest before the car gets to 10yr or 140.000miles So now the warranty will be valid until June 2018
  15. Oh I know about pre-existing conditions, however Lexus health-check has not picked up any of the things I mentioned. Therefore to Lexus eyes are not pre-existing :)