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  1. I have a full set of Michelin Crossclimate 235/55/19 fitted since the middle of sept. I have driven approx 4000 miles in different weather and they are very quiet compared to the Michelin Sport 3. i have driven in temperatures at -5 and all seemed OK they are good in wet and dry conditions. so far so good.
  2. Hi I fitted 4 Crossclimate approx 4 weeks ago I have covered approx 2000 miles and so far all is well. they are quiet, they are good in Wet and Dry. The feel OK. i got mine from Quickfit and paid £650 for 4 Tyres they are 235/55/19" they have only came out in September this year. will wait till the winter weather to see how they compare with winter tyres.
  3. Hi I can confirms that 235/55/19 crossclimate tyres are available for the Lexus. i had a full set fitt d three weeks ago in Doncaster. They were ordered by Kwikfit on Monday and fitted Thursday. total price was £650 for all four. They are very quiet compared to normal Michelin sport3 They drive ok no difference seein in wet or dry will wait until winter comes to see how they go. I have four michelins with 5/6mm for sale cheap
  4. Hi looks good I have under runs on mine however if you put an under run on the rear it covers where the detachable tow bar goes. So you have to remove to get to the slot for the draw bar to go through and for the electric socket. Unless you cut out a slot. Let us know what you do as I have just covered mine at present it is a Lexus tow bar. Enjoy your time with the car. I bought my mudflaps on line and fitted them myself very easy to fit and do make a difference.
  5. Thanks Steve I will have a look at this. Regards
  6. Hi I have fitted my winter tyres and wheels this week end. The centre caps are 68mm.they are not Lexus wheels but I am looking for stickers badges or centre caps at 68mm to fit. I have looked at eBay but can find BMW ,Mercedes etc but not Lexus. Any ideas where I might pick them up.
  7. I put two Lattitude sport 3 on the front of my car in August I paid £250 fully fitted at Formula1 in Doncacter. I searched around including online tyre dealers I got the lowest price from all of them and then contacted Formula one who guarantee to price match. They had to order from France and arrived in two days. You can have the different ratings and load at the same price. Kick fit had an offer on at the time they would not match the price. They are very good in the wet and dry they are quiet and so far so good. I will swap to winter tyres later in the year . If I had required all new tyres I would have swapped to all season tyres , again the Michelin seems to come out with very good ratings. Do some searching online for best prices and then look to see who will price match locally
  8. Hi I purchased an RX lux in August. I went around several main dealers and my purchase was a cash purchase. I got a 2013 on a 63 plate with 30k mileage for sale at just under £33k I paid £28500. I was easily able to manage at least 10% discount at other dealerships. When you can't get the price any lower add in a second year of warranty mats, flaps fuel etc. be very ruthless as they will have a lot of RX available when the new model comes out use that as your argument . Don't be afraid to walk away make sure they have your details so they can contact you but also let them know you are going to another dealer and have a view of a car don't make one up they check the competition. I hope this helps
  9. Hi Chris thanks for all your information. I have checked out the website you suggested which is good thank you for that. I have also had a look at the wheels on eBay yes they ŵould fit the problem my winter tyres are 19" as per the existing wheels on the car. These wheels are 18". So not really any good but thank you for thinking of me. I have checked eBay and Gumtree to no avail so have made contact with two different wheel suppliers to see what they could do on price. I have approx 6 weeks before I need to do anything so will keep checking eBay and gumtree. Thanks again
  10. Hi I have a set of 19" winter tyres. I will put these on at the end of October. But I would prefer to have some spare wheels instead of swapping the tyres each time. I have checked eBay and gumtree to no avail. I have seen lots of other 19" wheels especially BMW and Audi. I know the centres and offset are different. Is there other manufactures like Toyota, Honda, Mazda etc that would fit the wheel hub. Any ideas on where to get reasonably priced wheels . I have seen some new alloys for approx £450 which come with spriggots etc to allow them to fit bearing in mind they are only winter tyres which will be on for approx 4/5 months. Any ideas would be greatful.
  11. Well I know over the next 10 days or so as I will be doing near on 2000 miles loaded. So will see how they perform it also seem like I will get plenty of rain to check the wet ability of the tyre. I rechecked the tyre pressure yesterday with two hand held gauges and with local airline and for some reason the new tyres were on 38psi. The other axel was 34. So I have dropped it back to 35psi. They did ask me what pressure and I asked for 35 so presume there gauge is out. Will let you know how we perform in a couple of weeks
  12. We have A Jaguar XF 2012 and we had two nexen fitted onto the back axel. They were fitted by the jaguar dealer when last serviced. They are ok except a bit rumbley especially as they wear. They were an option for the RX but wanted good wet performance hence I got the michelins. I had company cars up to December and drove approx 30k miles per year. Michelins were always a better tyre .Pirelle were the worst tyre in over 30?years of company car driving and these were the make I had most punctures on. Dunlop became very rumbley as they aged . I will see how these Michelins go compared to the Dunlop std fit tyres
  13. Had them fitted today £250 fully fitted for the pair I had a price match with Tyre fitting company in Doncaster they are quiet and seem to ride ok . I live in North Lincs area and it's very bumpy and undulating but all seem ok. Very good in the wet and it has been very wet today.have a couple of thousand miles over the next 10 days so will get a good idea of performance.
  14. I have. 2013 RX 450hband am currently achieving 36/38mpg over approx 1500miles loaded up with luggage and four adults. Visiting North Yorkshire and the Lake District . I am very happy with this.
  15. I am looking to replace two tyres and have been offered a deal for two Michelin Latitude Sport 3 XL To fit 235x55x19 fully fitted for £258 for the pair. Is this a good price and what are the Latitude sport 3 like . They are A rated for wet and 70 for noise. Has anybody run these tyres are they quiet