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  1. make it 5 im ayrshire and my last one i sold to a fella in dumfries.
  2. Titan motorsport does not deal with rr racing. Sorry.
  3. I sent them a e mail to see in they deal with them. In that group buy price, does that include uk import duty at 20%? I have bought thinks in the past for my evo's and have had to pay the customs before it was delivered. Even for second hand things. This is a picture of my second F
  4. i will be in florida at the end of june im picking up swift springs, hps intake and maybe ppe headers if they are ready from totan motersport .ill bring them home in my suitcase to avoid shipping. i can ask titan motersport if they can get a price for these from rr racing. im going back to florida in feduary to the daytona 500 and plan to get the rr racing 2 peice discs and the bazooka pipes for my exhaust
  5. we are thinking on taking mine to Switzerland in the summer. mine is a 09 have had it for 3 years and have now 102000 miles on her. without any parts needed looking for a 2011 in USB with white leather this year.
  6. I have super now lowering bushings. It lowers the front 15 or 25 mm you keep your oem shocks and springs. The ride stays the same and takes about 15 min to fit. They are on my isf and our is220d is the same.
  7. anyone looking a set of super now front lowering bushings they lower you front by 15 or 25mm without changing your rid quality
  8. I have a young family so the Lexus is alot easier on fuel,tyres and everything in between.. The m3 is a great car you do not need to explain what it is everyone knows what it is and what it is about I have a business so it looks bad with the m, the Lexus however it is a sleeper those in the no no and and can't get enough. I would only change for another. It is faster than the m in a drag but not on the bends. I think the 2012 with the better springs and LSD would be great. Mine is 09 I have the black dash but no LSD
  9. ppe engineering make the headers for rhd isf now they are about£1000 and give 35-45 bhp a full exhaust offers another 25. and add a induction and you can get to 450bhp at the wheels. i made 380 a few month ago. no ecu tune. swift engineering springs are meant to work well. i like the look of the iss forged des or qts but do not get a m3 i have had both. the isf the is great. so reliable.
  10. catch a grip. 30-40 bhp for only £1000. i think you would have been better with the is220 f sport. Extra power will simply wear tyres out much quicker. this made me laugh still laughing. your the rod
  11. We need 50 more to cover the extra waight over a evo.
  12. Anyone looking for a set of ppe headers for our rhd isf. Good bhp increase
  13. The camera man is wearing trainers and has 2 Ned friends in the background. The white isf on the auto trader is a 08 but has the 09 isf black dash.