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  1. South East !

    Hi guys how many of you are from the south east ? Gunna organise a rolling road day joinT with tezza world if i can get enough people Cheers Ben .
  2. Run Fault

    Yup changed ecu and fuel pump cheers ben.
  3. Dude ur a life saver ! I guess i do owe u a favour :P Cheers ben.
  4. cheers dude , thats almost what im after , basically i need to know which pins are what i.e which pin is for injector 1,2,3,4 , which pin is tps , which pin is map sensore etc etc ? any ideas ? cheers dude ben.
  5. Run Fault

    just wondering if anyone has had this problem , ive converted my is200 to an altezza sxe10 ... it runs but is over fueling madly and when you open the throttle fast it chokes up, ive had to make an intake pipe and i understand that they have a hot wire maf sensor , which relys on the correct size pipe and positioning of the sensor, i thought it was this but it seems that its not as ive fitted a standard air box and it still over fuels any ideas appreciated cheers ben.
  6. hi guys , does any body have the ecu pinouts for the is200 manual and the altezza sxe10 manual ? im extremely desperate for this information and cannot find this anywhere on the net! if anyone can help they would be a complete life saver :) thanks ben.
  7. hi , i just picked up an altezza 3sge engine , gearbox , prop , engine loom and ecu basically a FULL conversion kit ill be throwing it all in there over a 3 or 4 day period sometime this winter and was just wondering if there was any problems with doin this conversion? i.e: will i have to change the dash loom too or will i get away with just the engine loom if anyone can tell me any other annoying bits that i might come accross it would be much apreciated cheers ben.
  8. Heyy

    hi guys my names ben and i got a is200 im a fully trained technician at eurospec2000 a japanese tuning specialist , i was gunna keep my is200 but have decided to part with it, it is modified ill put pics up later :D cheers ben.