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  1. I just wanna say that, if any kid would have walked out in front of this ars***e when he was testing his new toy , in a built up area, doing 84mph, there is no way in the world, trained or not ..he would have stopped in time! The guy was an out and out Wan*er, and was obviously looked after internally.. SO MUCH FOR BRITISH JUSTICE
  2. I've got 5 wheels, tyres, and hubcaps for a 92........forty quid if your interested..drop me an e mail see next post for picture :winky:
  3. E-mail keeps bouncing back to me, leave your address again, and i'll retry..
  4. Carlo E-mail on its way to you mate........sorry for the delay, only just seen your post
  5. I think you'll find that it's the SL65 Merc that,s the top of the shop...... :)
  6. Yeah, they are prone to leaking around the top up lid, not by a lot, but the sensor is really sensitive. Just keep your eye on the level every now and then, or try a bit of clear silicone, if you can identify the leak. Stew ← Followup; the coolant level is fine, but the light keeps coming on. There seem be sensor wires running into the clear coolant reservoir. If the level in the clear tank is fine, should I worry ? Or is there another sensor at the bottom of the block or something.... that might be airlocked or something... ← If the level in the clear tank is fine, it sounds like the sensor itself is knackered. My understanding of the warning lamp, is that it only comes on when the water level is low, therefore if yours isn't, then you have a faulty sensor.
  7. I still believe that it should be a matter of choice! smoking, it's your life, do with it what you will..... and no I don't smoke Stew :)
  8. Yeah, they are prone to leaking around the top up lid, not by a lot, but the sensor is really sensitive. Just keep your eye on the level every now and then, or try a bit of clear silicone, if you can identify the leak. Stew
  9. ← Question 1-Sounds like your oil cooler line ( auto transmission) Question 2 -Your gear position is lit up on the dash Question 3 -Sound like the rear hub bushes are shot Where did you pick it up out of interest? Stew
  10. In the words of Shaggy mate "it wasn't me" ain't heard from her in about 5 months
  11. Are you sure it's not the EGR tube thats giving you that slight blowing sound? Try Japparts for the pump, the numbers in the back of the autotrader Good luck mate
  12. :D :D :D Nice new banner's a lot better than you know whos
  13. The Mk3 Supra wheels go straight on the Mk1 Ls400 and vice versa, i think that the MK1 Ls and the MK2 Ls had different size hubs though?so brake caliper clearance would be an issue Stew
  14. I must admit, i remember all of that stuff....and your right, kids of today are light weights, compared to what we were like then!....I mean, when i used to go out with a pocket full of change, it was heavy,, every bloody coin we had was ten times bigger than it is now..I come from a time when, if you had a ten bob note, you were the mutts nuts. A bottle of Corona, some fruit salads and blackjacks, a bag of Smiths crisps and you still had enough change to last the week( and don't forget the refund on your empty Corona bottle) The world seemed to be a safer place then and people generally trusted each other a lot more. your pusbike was the most important thing, and you would ride it miles without even thinking about it. And if it ever got as far as getting in trouble with the police, you were genuinley **** scared, of them and what your parents may do to you....when i got sent to my room and grounded, it was like a prison cell with nothing to do, unlike my kids, whose rooms resemble Dixons!...stereos, t.v's,dvd,s etc etc..where's the punishment? As for mobiles, well we used to have to go to the nearest phone box to make a call, that is, if it hadn't been vandalised by one of your mates the week before, who had probably been trying to get some cash for the local fairground that had been pitched up in some field nearby.....the H.S.E would have a field day checking one of those places out.. Has anyone else noticed how ill all the kids look these days, compared to the rosey faced examples of how us oldens looked back then..not enough outdoor activity and too much hi tec mate! Mind you i bet our parents thought we probably had it easy too..
  15. Chris, the cars looking good mate!....not sure about some of them birds :D :P :D
  16. Happy Birthday for yesterday mate!.....good to see the beast back together! Hope you had a good un.. B)
  17. Great thanks Chris, glad to see your motor back together mate!'s life treating you? ;)
  18. Cheers Maneesh, that was the place
  19. I read somewhere on this site about a place in Camberley, Surrey, that done suspension and tuning etc for performance cars? Does anyone know about this place?, i trying to get my suspension sorted out on my LS400, and don't really want to take it to Lexus. I am currently riding on 18's and think that maybe some kind of sports package might suit the car better.... Or does anyone know of anywhere else local to the Heathrow area? ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED Stew ;)
  20. Hi Chris The casting on that block don't look all that thick, no wonder theres so many holes1 I wouldn't have thought it was anything to do with your S/C mate.They can create enormous pressures in an engine, but there are weaker points that would fail first.Were the pistons intact, or smashed? :o
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