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  1. I've got a spare Audison BitOne laying around; I'd been contemplating upgrading the audio system in the Lexus for a while. Has anyone used an Audison in a 250 before? Could do with any tips. The prevailing thought at the moment is to add an ML subwoofer and upgrade the component speakers, use the Audison as the processor for it all and see what improvements can be made. I'll be integrating a hands free system to the Audison; it had occurred to me that it might be a good time to buy the android head unit I've been looking at, along with a decent DAC. Is the information on speaker sizes and recommended upgrades available anywhere? I've got the factory premium audio, which is 12 years old now.
  2. Might as well go with the whitelines then. Has anyone had any experience buying Koni products in the UK?
  3. By upgraded, I mean the F-sport option roll bars that were available to the USA dealerships. They were blue I think and considerably stiffer than standard. That's interesting, I'd expect there to be different part numbers then. I know the IS350 roll bars differ in stiffness to the IS250, hadn't seen any evidence that the f-sport in the UK came with different roll bars though. Anyone got a list of part numbers from the 250?
  4. None of the UK models came with the uprated F-sport anti-roll bars as far as I can work out; it would be pointless looking for a breaker. The F-sport was basically a trim level in the UK, you got different wheels, a body kit and a few badges. Looks like my only option is to order some from Lexus USA (or find a US breaker). It looks as if whiteline adjustable ones would be a good substitute, plus I could do a (minimal) amount of tweaking to suit the driving style.
  5. I'm considering the following set up for my IS250: Koni FSD shocks, Eibach pro springs and a set of F-sport anti-roll bars. Does anyone have any idea where I can get this stuff in the UK? I've only managed to find the springs in stock here, everything else has to come from the USA. I'd also be open to other ideas about anti-roll bars, as the F-sports seems to be a US only item. Any help or suggestions is appreciated.
  6. It would probably be money better spent to refurbish your calipers (particularly rears). Dismantle the rears, clean up and re-grease the slide pins. You can give your discs and pads a thorough inspection during this process and decide whether you need to spend the money on new ones. I've got a full set of Brembo pads on my IS250 at the moment, they are okay, but don't do that well when they get hot. I preferred the EBC redstuff pads I had, but they ate through the discs like nobodies business.
  7. I've used PS4s on my IS250 multiple times, I would never use another tyre again. I've got yokohamas on due to the PS4s being out of stock, however I'm considering switching back to PS4s before these ones are done. I've got them fitted to my Supra as well, best road car tyres available at the moment.
  8. I didn't like my IS300 as much as I did the 200, the 2J makes the handling terrible in comparison. Much quicker in a straight line though. One of the reasons I got rid of the 300 in favour of a 250. I'm contemplating messing about with the IS250 as well; 3GR-FSE and some suspension mods should be an interesting combination. The IS300 torsen diff is a bolt on upgrade too.
  9. Had my letter last week for my 55 plate; will book in at Lexus Bolton as soon as I can find some time off.
  10. Before my IS250 I had an IS300, before that I had an IS200... which was my first car. I also drive a MK4 Supra. I poured my heart and soul into the first IS200, and I will regret breaking it for parts forever. I travelled from Northamptonshire to Cornwall to get it and the memories from that trip will be with me forever. That was also the first time I got a lesson in how bad the fuel economy is in the IS200 haha. I've never managed to get a car to handle as well as I got that to handle, it was basically on rails. Meister R coilovers, TRD roll bars, lightweight wheels and LS400 brakes. In the end I took all the bits off, sold them and had the shell crushed. Sad day. I might have to buy another one sooner or later, I still have some mods I'd like to do to an IS200, supercharging it, swapping the gear set out of an S15 6 speed into the box, 3.7 IS300 diff with a 1.5 way in it. Having something handle the way I had mine before but with 230ish hp would be bang on.
  11. Am I the only person here who has never had breakdown cover, for the simple reason that I own a Toyota group car? Not failed me so far...
  12. I've been looking at the solenoid diagrams for these two boxes; I'm considering a 3gr-fse swap into my IS250. The solenoid activation is identical in both gearboxes, though the clutches used are not. Would I be correct in thinking this means the IS250 ECU would control an A760e transmission, if I was to drop it in with the 3GR-FSE? I know that the IS250 ecu will happily deal with the 3GR-FSE head and block, using all the other parts from the 4GR-FSE that it originally came with. The main reason for asking this is the strength of the a760e box appears to be better than the A960e.
  13. Thanks - What I'm really after is the toyota BEAN code information for the gen 2 IS and gen 3 IS. The can bus information is likely to be fairly standard Toyota, but if anyone has that information too that would be ideal. MODS - can someone alter the title of this post (or tell me how to) as it isn't the clearest it could be.
  14. I'm not convinced it would be next to impossible, I can't believe the CAN bus information would be that different between the gen 2 and gen 3. Even then, you can use an arduino to inject/translate one CAN bus message to another as an intermediary (I've done it before). The gen 2 IS250 already provides open door information, same for the boot and bonnet, the fuel reading is over the bus as is information like MPG, gear, remaining miles all comes in to the gen 2 dash. The only thing that might cause me a problem is if the toyota BEAN code has changed for something. 99% of this information will be available over the CAN bus, you can read it all using a bluetooth dongle and an android tablet in my gen 2 IS, you just need to know what messages to look for and what messages the dash unit will be expecting. My only concern is that it's apparently an 8" LCD, which I think might be too big for the clock shroud on the gen 2 IS.