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  1. cts200sport

    Digital Display For Outside Temp/clock

    No need to reply. Eventually found past threads and sorted the problem.
  2. How yo doing guys? Thanks for the past help and tips for fitting an aftermarket stereo. Not sure if this is meant to be case but here goes! In my 2001 IS200 the orange back light stays on all the time on the outside temp/clock display, when the ignition is switched off. Is this supposed to be correct as I checked a 2003 model and the display is blank and with no clock showing when ignition off, and when you turn on/off the side lights it goes on/off as I thought it would. Is this a fault with my car??
  3. cts200sport

    Fitting Aftermarket Sereo To My 2001 Is200 Sport

    Cheers for the info and the photo to confirm. I thought it was the amp but a someone said it was the ECU. Obviously the bloke knows everything about nothing! Staying well clear. I'm fitting a JVC HU so shouldn't have aby problems I hope! You've been a big help on this one.
  4. cts200sport

    Fitting Aftermarket Sereo To My 2001 Is200 Sport

    Hi thanks for replying. I have just got it out after following what you said and no problem. Another thing is the AMP? I have been told it is located at the back of the glove box. I pulled it out and down and found the blower control unit, pollen filter and on the far left what I presume is the ECU? If I knew what it looked like it would be a lot easier. I see you have the is200 . Is it the sport or SE you have? I still have to buy the ISO AMP bypass cable, but others say that my car hasn't got an AMP and don't need to bypass. Can you advise please! just doen all this over the week end were u have ur heater vent on top you have a tray some model have the sat nav there instead with ur hands pull the tray of its a bit hard but it will come of then u will c 2 10 mm bolts 1 on the right and 1 on the left un bolt them then underneath the stereo u have the trc and snow button put ur hands underneath that and pull it, it is held with clips once that is off there will b 2 10 mm bolts again 1 on the left and 1 on the right un bolt them and there u have it the unit will come out ps sorry the instructions i have provided u are not detailed but im sure they will help if u need any more help u can email me or ring me cheers
  5. Hi All. I have been reading through the threads about changing the Lexus stereo units for an aftermarket one. I have bought a facia kit but confused about the amplifier bypass cable. Some say you need it for this model of car and others say you don't. I suppose I should look behind the glove box for an amplifier? And can anyone who has done it advise me please the method for the panel removal on the dash cause I don't want to split the plastic etc.accidently! Thanks.
  6. cts200sport


    Hi All. My names Chris and I'm new to the forum. Bought a IS 200 Sport 3 days ago after wanting one for years. I have been reading up on the stereo systems which are a well known fault with the cars and I am planning replacing the unit either with another Lexus unit or a cd player from Halford with a facis panel to suit. Anyone managed to get the units out without difficulty and not damaging the dash/interior? Any tips would be gratefully accepted.