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  1. As above, my fuel consumption has dropped to 41mpg now the cold weather is here. It also dropped from 46mpg to 43mpg when I started using the new fuel. I'm only driving locally at the moment with journey's very rarely above 7 miles.
  2. I changed from Yokohama to Michelin Cross Climate on a 2015 Ct200h Premier 6 months ago and can honestly say it's like driving a different car. Ride is so much quieter and smoother, the only disappointment is that the Michelin have very little in the form of kerb protection so extra caution is required when parking alongside a pavement.
  3. Is this just a remove loaded sd card and load the new sd card? Seems to easy considering Lexus dealers prices.
  4. Contacts are automatically transfered as soon as the phone connects, so if you have added changed or deleted contacts on the phone there is no need to do it on the car. As far as I know the system in the car does not store contact details when the phone is disconnected.
  5. Agree on same tyres on four corners. Bought 4 Michelin CC at the beginning of the year and it's like driving a different car to the original Yokos. Highly recommended.
  6. That looks like the c tec one that I've got fitted. Could do with the leads eing a bit longer as it's a bit awkward to reach with the back seat down through the back door.
  7. I am a member of Costco but the offer is on Good Year this three weeks. They could not get the cross climates in the CT size last time the Michelin offer was on.
  8. Yes it does mentrion the website in the article I read. Regarding rim protection, the present Yokos have a decent rubber protector and there are a couple of chunks on them but I'll blame my partner for these.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I will try and visit a tyre dealership this week depending what Boris comes out with tomorrow and will post later in the week. From checking on Google Honest John is in administration.
  10. I am currently looking at which tyres I should fit on my CT. It's a July 2015 Premier model and has only done 20k which lve had from new and although the original Yokos would probably last the summer I feel that 6year old rubber is ready for replacing. My main consideration is quietness and ride comfort and I am drawn to the Michelin cross climate. Do these tyres have rim protection? Ive googled this but can't find an answer. Would be grateful for any up to date reviews on these tyres.
  11. Noticed your car is 2019 model. What were fitted as original and why did you change. I'm thinking of changing to Michelin cross climate from the original Yokos although they've only done 20k but being led by the reports of how quiet the cross climates are.
  12. I use Trico wipers on the ct and also on a VW polo which was particulary noisy and judder. They cured the problem.
  13. As a matter of interest, how did the AA get into the car and where did they 'jump' start the car from?
  14. Just realised that what you mean by theft sensors are the lnternal movement sensors which are controlled by the switch by the front interior light.
  15. Excuse my ignorance but what is the Theft Sensor. I only have the remote to set the alarm on mine, unless I've missed something.
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