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  1. 3 Is200 Mk1 Wheels

    hi guys havnt been on this forum for a long time as i sold my is200 yonks ago,but i have 3 is200 wheels sitting in my garden. TOTALLY FREE.or a donation to my ford smax fuel tank. obviously they do need a refurb,2 have tyres on them,very low tread so will need changing. only catch is you will have to pick em up. seems a shame just to take them down to the tip,and i cant be ar5ed to ebay them. im in eastbourne east sussex.
  2. perhaps when you attend the court in person.say to the judge could you plz be put onto a driver training course,because you feel that it will help you in the future so as not to speed again?? bearing in mind they no doubt have a limit on what they do to each set of parameters you may well be peeing in the wind,but might be worth a shot
  3. Fit And Healthy Baby Daughter

    congrats to 1 and all.
  4. Latest Technology From China!

    and theres me thinking it was the dab speeling,as in BAD.
  5. ive got this 1,but a lot cheaper when i found it on ebay,iirc i paid iro £50 then i bought a 32 gb memory card from amazon,
  6. i too own an ellie,a white g.s.d,we rescued her at 4.5 mths old. total bitch but we all love her to bits. she is our 2nd white rescue g.s.d(Swedish shepherd dog)
  7. Wanted - Ls400 Swap Mercedes E320.

    suntrap of the south,i know it well
  8. Dash Cams

    ive got 1 of these, works lovely,was told these 1s are 1 of the best,do a search on ebay as they are cheaper depending on who selling them.
  9. 17" 11 Spoke Late Spec Alloys

    You could make a few quid there! wanna make me an offer,think ive also got 4 wheel inserts aswel.
  10. this is hilarious.
  11. 17" 11 Spoke Late Spec Alloys

    blimey ive got 3 of them sitting in my garden.wonder how much id get for em?and a brand new 11 spoke with new tyre sitting in my garage.
  12. i wouldnt buy it,because of the black headlight washers,WHAT WERE THEY THINKING OF black indeed. :yack:
  13. Opel Monza

    my mum used to have a manta great car to drive. with its plush interior.
  14. Buy Gold Now

    already started got about 8 ounces so far.