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  1. checked those extensively, that hasnt seemed to be the problem, any more suggestions. Thanks
  2. My power steering died recently and as a result the pump was changed. It has since failed again, what else could there be that is causing the pump to fail and hence remove the power steering capabilities. Any ideas guys?? Please Help!! Thanks Nokio
  3. My power steering pump failed recently and I need a new one, I have been hearing some ridiculous prices, really ridiculous, anyone out there know where I can get one for my car 2002 3S-GE. Is the pump the same as any other toyota car? LQ
  4. does anyone know if a stock replacement flywheel for the 2002 sxe 10 6fwd ahould cost as much as 650 pounds? well I have to replace mine and thats the kind of prices i hearing. do you know if there are any good after market people making this flywheel, so I could buy that instead, I have an ACT clutch and pressure plate installing, so the aftermarket would complete the package. Nokio
  5. I was driving today at about 130 kph when I noticed my check light come on. I pulled over and checked all fluids, they seemed good except for oil. Toppedup the oil and the light came back on anyway. Reset the computer by removing the battery, reconnected it, turned on the car and the light disappeared. Turned the car back off and on again and the light came back, but this time 'trc off' was flashing as well. Does anyone have any clue why this would be so. I am a bit worried about driving it until i know what it is. Nokio
  6. Not so on the altezza's. Thats what the whole purpose of the electronic throttle is. It usees the ABS to sense the difference in wheel speed between the front and rear wheels then limits the throttle. I have my traction control disabled. Just cut the 2 wires at the back of the connector and solder them together. ← That sounds damn good, so just pull the two wires at the back solder them. Will that give me the TRC OFF, I like to see it. Thanks, I will try. Went through the entire wiring of the trc yesterday and cleaned everything. No more problems. Sirnixalot, I will give you a PM about some other stuff- like the set up of ur car. ... Nokio
  7. Smooth roads, Good treading on tires In 1st gear moving off slowly then flooring the gas, it will cut if I accelerate slowly and change to second I will have no problem whatsoever.
  8. I have had the car for over a year now and it never did this before, in fact it worked as it was designed to-whenever there is a slide it controls it by reducing the gas etc., therefore I am assuming that there is no wiring fault. Further it definitely cant be the rev limiter because it comes in at different rev limits, varying in range from 4000 to 7000rpm. It happens when I suddenly floor the gas. Nokio
  9. Has anyone had any problems with the traction control unit malfunctioning in any way. Has anyone bypassed the traction control, how? My button does not always deactivate the unit, I press it and it does not always say "TRC OFF". Over the weekend I was driving, geared down to second to pass another car and the gas totally cut out and the gas pedal wasnt responding. Backed off the gas and went back on and i passed the car. At times when I floored the gas it cut out again (not the entire car, just the fueling-power was still there). Nokio
  10. Hey, I need to know what clutch I can reference my clutch to. I have a 3s-ge engine with 6spd. g/box. I need a new clutch kit, clutchmasters preferably, and I have no clue where to start. No part numbers nothing. Please give me all the info you have. Thanks Nokio
  11. nokio

    Dash Lighting

    Some time ago I saw a post where someone was detailing how to remove and replace all dash lighting to the custom colour you required, does anyone know where i can locate that post, i cant seem to find it, Thanks Nokio
  12. Hey, I have been receiving error 1 on my system in the recent past. The way i have dealt with it is by turning it off and then on again. The trick within all of that, is when u turn it on u need to try and cycle it through some tracks as soon as u have selected a track ( so that the track is at the begining turn the radio off and then on again. At this point you should hear the cd pick back up and ur music begin to play. I find burnt CD's do this alot. Nokio :zee:
  13. very useful site for the jap translations, for anyone who doesnt already know it Nokio :zee:
  14. u took urs off, u dont like dem??? sen dem to Jamaica, i'd love a pair Nokio :zee:
  15. thanks Galee,i will be lookin out for more info from you. i guess i will get a step down piece of equipment to connect to the speakers which come through to the trunk, as i originally planned. It should transform the active speaker signals to mV spec, ie I will then have preamp outputs. I'll have to use that to be able to get a good signal through an amp