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  1. Passed MOT. Nothing needed this year. Mind you only did just over 2000 miles since the last one.
  2. Cheers William, I will give him a bell.
  3. William - did you have any luck finding a cover. I need one too!
  4. 3K for me so 38500 or so now..
  5. farl

    Any Bikers On Here?

    Here you go.. Roll on the summer!
  6. farl

    Any Bikers On Here?

    Ducati Monster 1100S MV Agusta F4 2010 Honda VFR 1200 DCT
  7. farl

    Post Pics Of Your Lexus

    They need a spacer on the front to clear the small lug on the suspension strut but they are fine apart from that. What do you mean by staggered?
  8. farl

    Post Pics Of Your Lexus

    My 36000 mile Sportcross 200. All standard apart from newer IS wheels.
  9. Ebay special! Not sure what the colour is. I know they're off a 250 though.
  10. Cheers chaps. They're buggered now! They're so much nearer to the outside of the car I've curbed them. I suppose I should put the 16" back on and get these refurbed.
  11. Sportcross 2.0 came with 16" alloys as standard. I've changed mine to 17" from the new IS. I've got spacers on because of the small lug on the front suspension. I know some people file this off. Best to stick with 16" for winter tyres and keep 17" for summer. Here's a before and after..
  12. farl

    Sportcross Spare Wheel

    So do I. Although I now have 17" alloys on the car.
  13. farl

    Is06+ Alloys On Sportcross

    Brought them off ebay - they'd been refurbed and painted - £360 with tyres but I changed the tyres. As they are 17" they foul the small lug on the suspension arm so I had 5mm spacers fitted. So now I need the mud flaps which I've just ordered thru a dealer. I've got 215 Kumhos on them. I'm pleased with the look,
  14. Just made the change. Alloys are now 17". Thought I'd posted some pics - 1 before and the rest as it is now. Now for some mudflaps!