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  1. hi all IS200 2002 help needed to fix my brakes. drove the car last week to find that the brake pedal has excess travel (brake pedal nearly to the floor before brakes come on). when i checked the brake fluid reservior, the brake fluid was low (most likely a leak in the system somewhere). i topped up the brake fluid and bled the system. but the brake pedal still has too much travel. checked all the pipelines but could only find a very very hardly noticable small drizzle on the drivers side front caliper. changed the caliper but brake pedal still has too much travel. now changed the master cylinder but problem is still there. might add that the caliper and master cylinder were used parts, so i am thinking whether i've ended up with duff parts or should i look elsewhere to solve the problem. any advice will be very much appreciated thanks terry
  2. hi all final conclusion....... again, changed the fuse, and bingo.....lights now work! is this common with IS200's or did i just have an encounter with the twilight zone conclusion.... change the fuse even if it doesnt look blown!
  3. just thought i'd post an update if it helps other people here... the indicator/hazard light fuse is in the fusebox under the bonnett (in front of the battery) the stereo has two fuses, one in the fuse box under the bonnett, the other fuse in the fuse box in the drivers side footwell (i found it...doh!) my indicator and hazard lights are now working. dont know what i did but i simply decided to change the fuse although the original one did not look blown. with regards to the stereo, again i changed the fuse at the back of the stereo and magically that also started working, even though the original fuse did not look blown. do fuses need changing even if they dont look blown? never heard of that one before!!!! but hey ho, it works now, so i'm happy with that! now the next problem.......the flash (main beam) lights have now stopped working!!!! anyone know where the fuse is for that?
  4. ok will have a look there. hopefully it will be just a blown fuse. do you happen to know if the indicators and hazard lights are on the same fuse?
  5. i checked the fusebox in the passenger side footwell (righthand drive car), didnt realise there was fuse box on the drivers side as well (doesnt seem to have an access panel), or maybe i didnt look properly :/ is that where the indicator fuse would be located? thanks
  6. hi and thanks for your prompt reply. no nothing of that nature. just all of a sudden stereo goes dead and after couple of days, indicators/hazard lights are dead.
  7. hi all i have a liitle problem come up with my IS200 2002 and was hoping to get some advice. i fitted a new double din stereo (the last one packed up) and it worked fine until a couple of days ago when it just went dead (not powering up). now it seems that the indicators and hazard lights have also decided to stop working. i have checked the fuses (under bonnet and also in the footwell), but have not found any blown fuses. did i look in the right place for the fuse? also, i know this may be a throw in the dark, but could you guys suggest any place else to look or should i run the car into a auto electrician? many thanks in advance
  8. Is200 2002 Brake Warning Light And 'trc'

    thanks for the input grosey. i certainly dont like the idea of the brake light being on, it just doesnt give me peace of mind even though it may just be a dirty sensor or something minor. what was the fault with your ABS and what did you have done to get the lights out? cheers pal Tel
  9. Is200 2002 Brake Warning Light And 'trc'

    thanks for your reply ormi and apologise for my late reply, work commitments just took over. checked all bulbs and none are blown, however brake light still comes on. do the rear pads have electronic wear indicators? the front pads dont so i guess the rears probably dont either, but maybe you guys here could confirm for me. also, regarding the 'TRC' light, i've been pointed towards the TRC switch and been told that a faulty switch can cause the TRC light to show on the dash. has anyone had this problem and subsequently solved it by replacing the TRC switch? thanks
  10. hi all IS200 2002 recently, the brake warning light on the dash seems to come on at the same time as the TRC light (TRC light flashes, brake light is constant). some days the lights will not come on at all, but other days the lights will on remain on all day no matter how times i switch off/on. i have replaced the front pads, however the rear pads could do with being replaced as they are low. is the brake warning light telling me that the rear pads are low, or is there another reason for the brake light being on? why is the TRC light on? many thanks in advance for all and any suggestions
  11. Just Picked Up A 2001 Is200Se

    you certainly got yourself a collection of Jap cars there mate. i nearly got myself a Soarer few years ago but the deal few through. whats it like on fuel? by the way, good job keeping her away from your pride and joys
  12. Headlight Washercover

    'where are you in this fine country that used to be ours.?' be aware that members of this forum belong to various backgrounds and cultures. we are here as car owners , particularly Lexus owners, and we offer help and support to fellow owners regardless of cultural backgrounds!
  13. Oil Change Intervals

    i'm a fan of Magnatec (am i allowed to say the brand name?) someone here may correct me, but 5w 30 i believe is recommended for cars over 100K. in my case, oil change every six months regardless.
  14. thanks terry. guess what, thats exactly what it was. guess i'm used to my other car, quick press of the boot release on the remote and the boot clicks open......live and learn
  15. good advice. get codes read and they will probably point you straight to the problem let us know the outcome