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  1. I've owned two ISF's over 9 years and every service my local dealer overfills the engine oil when changing it, I had them drain some out the first time but left it after that, no harm done, it seems that is just how they do it...
  2. Well mine was expensive, but you pays your money and takes your choice for what is a one-off job on the car. There is a national Waxoyl franchise company I was looking at that would do the job in one done in a day for cheaper, but I really had misgivings about them as it would clearly be just spraying the gunk over the rust that may have been there, so decided to go for a Dinitrol place instead that was more expensive, but a thorough job was done for peace of mind, and, ultimately, a good job to last the lifetime of the car.
  3. Cheers Guys - appreciate the feedback. My own view is that it should be fine.
  4. Quick question Guys - I have recently had fitted standard pads to the rear brakes and need to replace the front ones also. Does anyone have a view about mixing non-standard front pads with standard back ones (e.g. Porterfield front pads)? Thanks
  5. Had mine done this week, the car was in fact very clean and mostly rust free underneath, but all the trays were taken off, cavities filled and everything undersealed with Dinitrol, very happy to have this done before the winter and for longer-term peace of mind.
  6. Interesting, well please let us know how it goes, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the difference 👍🏻
  7. Curious on what basis they recommended a non-X pipe, did you ask for the quietest option?
  8. Yes, I got the cat back, didn’t want to mess with regs etc getting a cat delete, I’m sure it’s fine, but happy with what I got 👍🏻
  9. So a quick update on my original post above, I ordered and have had fitted a new H&S cat back X-pipe exhaust and the difference is night and day over the old one, just wish I had done this before. The exhaust the car came with was also H&S but was just 'wrong' - it was probably an early one and may have been a dud, or got second hand a bit bashed about and fitted to the car, but certainly it had been installed badly and was blowing from the joints where the different parts were connected. Like I say the other one was just crap, so glad it has restored by confidence in H&S exhausts. Anyway, now with a properly connected and sealed exhaust, the wonderful melodic feel base sound the car omits is fantastic, so glad I had this done! 😀
  10. That’s good to know, the idea of a clean new exhaust is very tempting. Is the sound louder/different to a cat back does anyone know? thanks
  11. Cheers Guys - catback it is for me 🙂
  12. Hi Guys I need to replace my old exhaust as it is a bit knackered on the ISF. Looking at Hayward & Scott X pipe options they do a catback and decat option, for 'roughly' the same money. Question: are there any advantages to decat, does it add to the insurance cost, or need technical work on the plug-in sensors, better to stick to decat? Any thoughts/experiences of this appreciated. Thanks
  13. Thanks - I have used it on previous cars and had it applied by a professional twice. Personally I don't get the hate for Waxoly, nor do I understand people who repaint it each year - properly applied it stays in place repelling water for years. The ISF generally has an excellent rep for not rusting, but the underneath parts will rust on any car and are probably designed to do so as part of the car's overall 'consumer durable' expected lifespan.
  14. Hi Guys I'm looking at how to do some preventive maintenance on my 2012 ISF and was considering getting the underneath panels and box sections waxolyed. Being a 2012 car there is a lot of surface rust on a lot of the sections, but only what you'd expect for a car of this age. Has anyone else done this on an ISF and got any thoughts on this? Thanks
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