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  1. If the engine is running and the EV light isn't lit then it is charging the battery! (Unless you put gear selector into neutral)
  2. I've had my UX for 4 months now. I do drive economically in general as it makes almost no difference to journey times but like to feel the acceleration/power at least once in every journey. All the mpg figures I quote are computed by the car so are probably optimistic by 5%?? and have been obtained in reasonably warm weather (seems to be significant factor for hybrid cars) The UX seems to be particularly tailored to driving at 30-50mph rather than motorway 70mph blasts or town stop/start journeys. I have a 25 mile commute each way but have the choice of continuous dual carriageway or continuous A road or a third route which is a mixture of both. The dual carriageway route is usually limited by traffic to an average of around 65 mph and this returns 50mpg each day. If I choose the A road route, average speed is around 40 mph and the car consistently returns 60mpg without any particular effort on my part and even gets close to 70 on odd days. The mixed route is somewhere in between these figures, but if I choose to divert through town centre, the consumption is counter-intuitively worse, more like 45mpg. We also have a CT200 and this also has the best economy on long runs (50+ mpg) rather than town driving as I had been led to expect. The UX replaced an IS300 F Sport which generally returned average figures around 40 mpg (winter) and 50mpg (warm weather) which I always considered exceptional for a fast, luxurious car. To sum up the UX so far, it is a lovely, satisfying car to own and drive. The fuel economy emphatically betters that of our CT and performance is markedly better. Ride/handling is nicely balanced and you feel like you are driving a top quality car. It's so alluring that I volunteer to drive whenever possible! As widely reported the sat nav interface doesn't make the most of the 10 inch screen and there is some annoying logic employed in the infotainment system but most cars have different compromises and these could be fixed with updated software if Lexus turned their mind to it.
  3. Had the same problem with my wife's CT (2013) last month. Heard the rattle, self-diagnosed a heat shield problem, and drove to the nearest Kwik Fit. They initially said that heat shield was a dealer only part but put it on a ramp to have a look for me. The mechanic (female) said that it was corrosion around the bolt fixing so they just refitted it with a large washer and its as good as new plus I don't need to pay anything! I offered her £5 for her trouble and the insisted that I put it in the charity box instead. Now that is the customer service that I expect (and usually get) from Lexus.
  4. Hi Rayanns, you may be correct. For your info, one of the reports said that the card coatings had taken some flexibility out of the rubber sensor seals and this causes the ultrasonic sensor to not operate correctly. No idea if this is right or not!!
  5. I have exactly the same problem with a new UX250h. It first occurred one day last month and cleared itself after about 30 minutes driving. Then it started again one morning last as I left home and continued for two days during which it rained more or less continuously. I dried/cleaned all the sensors several times but it never cleared the fault. The dealer (Chester) kindly took it straight in and investigated when I called in to ask about it. All they were able to do was narrow it down to the front sensors and are reporting it to Lexus as a possible new model type fault. It definitely seems related to heavy rain but this week's episode started after it had just been standing out in the rain all night. I have searched on Google and there seem to be a few other examples on various models with this latest system. Some suggest that it might be due to the application of Supaguard or clear coat (mine does have Supaguard) to the sensors. It's fine at the moment but waiting for the next rainstorm to see what happens.
  6. Sorry that you seem to have had a bad experience, but to redress the balance a little, I would say that my experience of Lexus Chester has been pretty well the opposite to yours. I have now bought 6 cars from Chester and always used then for servicing/repairs (not many of them needed!) and even tyres, as they stock compatible replacements at reasonable prices. I can recount several examples of how they have changed items without charging me and even removed parts from new cars because I would otherwise have to wait for parts to be ordered. I have turned up at the dealer on a Saturday afternoon with a battery drain problem when they immediately organised a courtesy car and when the problem was finally diagnosed they gave me the car back with 2 bottles of wine to apologise for the time it took to resolve the problem. I find that their technical knowledge of the cars is impressive and their staff are unfailingly courteous and helpful. I have had to challenge them over failings just twice during the past 14 years; one where they damaged a wheel whilst changing a tyre and another when they gave me an inappropriate courtesy car despite knowing that I always require an automatic. On both occasions they accepted immediately that they had failed to live up to their standards and did their best to make things right. They may not be perfect, but they are the best I have ever experienced. Only Honda and then Toyota come anywhere near in maintaining such a consistently high standard. As for BMW and most French cars, you should try them to see just how bad the customer experience can possibly be.
  7. I had a 250C from 2010 until 2013 and it was a joy to own. Fast enough to enjoy a drive through country roads, use the paddles to change gear. Drove it with top down through France twice and everyone wanted to know what car it was. Mine was 100% reliable with no noises, so be careful about buying if it rattles.
  8. It was the standard Lexus fitment to Advance models, certainly in 2013. It's a customised Tom Tom unit called Lexus CT move-on I think. Works fine and updates are available fromTomTom at a reasonable price.
  9. There should be an SD card in the slot to the right of the screen, it holds the maps, traffic camera locations etc. Looks like you have an empty slot there.
  10. Actually its true. I have bought the update two years running from Ebay (though different sellers) and they both updated the firmware version too. Appears to be the genuine card too!
  11. I agree Mark. I was just pointing out that if it was true that you could lock and unlock the car if the keys were inside (and hence in the vicinity) then anyone pressing the button could do the same. Anyway it isn't true! The car won't let you lock them inside, I found out by accident!
  12. Hmm.... If you can unlock it presumably anyone else can??
  13. Very fair review. I bought mine in 2013 and am still in the honeymoon period! Never kept a car this long, but when I look for something to replace it, the (mostly German) opposition doesn't do anything for me. I have been on a racetrack but that was in a go kart and not a luxury family saloon. Motoring journalists have a free new toy to play with every week, along with subsidised meals, drinks and trips to exotic locations so don't take any notice of their superficial opinions. True quality becomes evident over time and in my experience of Lexus vehicles (6 so far), they have it in spades.
  14. I have been a customer of Lexus Chester since 2004, through IS200, IS 300 Sportcross, RX400, ISC250, CT200 and IS300h. The dealership is far and away the best of the many I have encountered in over 45 years of motoring and I would include all the staff as none of them are anything less than friendly, enthusiastic & efficient and all go out of their way to look after us. Yes, I've had to complain once or twice over the 12 years but the response has always been immediate and entirely satisfactory. I can quote many examples of their outstanding service, like the first time I took my IS200 ( bought second hand) for a routine service. When I collected it I was informed that they had observed corrosion on the alloy wheels and had replaced them all under warranty. I had noticed only some minor black stains on a couple of the wheels but had not thought to report it. A week later I was astonished when I opened the boot and discovered that they had also replaced the (used) spare wheel as well! I would buy elsewhere if the standard isn't maintained but I see no signs of this at all.
  15. If you scroll up/down on the right hand buttons while the dial is in the centre you can display a few different items. Range is one of them. Whatever you select is remembered next time you start up.