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  1. Hi. Did you ever solve the audio problem you had on the cd.  Cheers Phil 

  2. Hi Karl. Did you ever solve this problem as I have the same. Cheers phil
  3. Interesting. Sometimes my back drivers side and front passenger side activate when no where near any obstacles. New sensors needed or maybe need a clean??
  4. Is this one from Germany good enough for our boxes?? If so would be worth buying and sharing
  5. Is this right what happens?? When making a call nothing rings or nothing on screen till phone is answered??
  6. My last 430 front bumper needed doing if I remember correct it cost £150. But I know the body shop owner as I've used them for years so going see if he will do front and back for £200
  7. Think if it was any other colour I wouldn't be thinking about it. Still not sure yet maybe just stick to same colour