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  1. cheers fluff they just told me that it would be £380 and I wanted to know what on earth they did for the cash??
  2. Hi folks Can anyone please tell me how much the 37,500 mile service for an IS200 should cost? and if possible, what is involved for the money? Thanks Mojo
  3. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Friday!! :D :D Mojo
  4. Thanks guys! imi, if I told you that it wouldn't come true!! but so far things are going well.... just been taken out by the guys at work to the pub... finished a HUGE Burger King lunch and I've got my mates coming round to shower pressies on me tonight. Life rocks!! :D
  5. oops!! [Mojo takes his foot out of his mouth] I obviously didn't mean to cause any upset by my question I would still like to see a piccy of the eyelids though :)
  6. Cheers guys!! 21 again hey? :D
  7. any chance of a piccy of what the eyelids look like? sorry to hear you're selling your mota! what you getting next? Mojo
  8. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
  9. actually I check my rear lights everytime I park my car in the garage at night in the reflection of a neighbour's window. does the warning light tell me when a fog light, brake light, rear indicator, reverse light bulb is out too? hmmm hmmm? :P Mojo
  10. Panicked last night when I was driving along and noticed a warning light had come on and I didn't have a clue what it meant!! A small orange car with lines coming out of the back. So, I tiptoe home only to find the stupid thing means..... one of my tail light bulbs has gone :o Is it so important that it warrants a light on the dashboard... I was worried it was something seriously wrong!!! lol! makes me laff now :D Mojo
  11. does it look a bit cheap then or something? I figured it would be nice to have something else that said mine was the sport model and not the SE
  12. Ricky, Yeah, they look very similar, I just couldn't tell if the TTE one was mesh or not. Can you buy the sport logo badge thingy separately, so it looks like the sport grill (I like the badge :D)
  13. oh is the integrated grill meshy? It's hard to tell from the pictures I can find...