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  1. damm near £38 just for the castrol oil , ,toyota filter £8/£10 & they are staring at their own arse ! ferkin stupid offer on all fronts
  2. yep , ,another pointer for those looking for a good example , , not a creak,squeek,groan,rumble,electrical glitch or any remote feeling of slackness anywhere , my sportcross looked & felt showroom fresh, the lightness of the doors closing is something that surprised me after german motors , even the carpets & interior trim looked as new , , can,t praise the car enough & after 3 weeks with father in law he,s as happy as i was with it
  3. agreed , ,mine was 10 years old & cost me £2700 , , the paintwork was better than some new cars , it had heated seats,xenon,s, folding mirrors & pop up satnav , , all extras that most new german motors still don,t offer as standard. wouldn,t hesitate to buy lexus again , , ,budget luxury that does not cost the earth to run , ,keep it a secret eh ?
  4. you will wonder why you didn,t go 300 much sooner ,,,loved my sportcross to bits ,way better on fuel than internet reading suggests & so creamy,smooth & quiet , , mine was ,2002 / 54k now in the safe hands of my father in law , , , only problem i encountered was frozen/sticking front calipers , ,the low miles would suggest yours as stood a lot & therefore if they haven,t been changed just bear in mind , , not major money at £100 a corner but better to be ready enjoy the upgrade
  5. as far as i was aware the VVTi engines are designed for midrange performance & torque when given some pedal & low speed town economy ( eerrmmm 22/25mpg) ) & therefore quite sleepy unless revved over 3500 . never took mine to the max but it did feel like it would go right up the rev range ? great car & enjoyed the ownership experience , ,glad its still in the family , ,too good to let it go for nissan almera money
  6. in past 2 years have had 2 911,s(1 aircooled auto / 1 watercooled manual) , 1 520d(remapped) ,1 20v turbo passat (remapped) & currently the 645ci , ,the IS300 was family motor but in comparison with above performance isn,t one thing the car will be remembered for , , it was hardly raucous nor do i remember it ever pinning me to the seat when pulling away or feeling at 90mph with foot to floor that i was scared to see how far i could take it , , , to me the lexus 300 will always be a refined midrange cruiser with decent topspeed & civilised quiet character , , ,a racer it certainly wasn,t myabe yours has been modded ? with intercooler ?
  7. interesting post , , i spent the first 4 months with my is300 enjoying the gentle quality drive but last month discovered the ECT pwr button or the manual change on steering wheel gave the car a real edge , ,almost like a remap ? as for keeping up the germans ? there aint no comparison with my V8 6 series . . . . it would blow the lexus away with handbrake on , , 333bhp not really a fair fight is it ? enjoy the 300 mate , ,sold mine last week to father in law & seriously regret it , , ,£2500 !! should have kept it
  8. well the lexus family hack is heading to its new owner on friday , really enjoyed the car & the forum , father in law has finally sold his PT cruiser ( don,t laugh) & is taking the sportcross off me , , , leaves me with my transit van at a woeful 75psi & my motoring indulgence 645ci at a more capable 333bhp am sure i,l be around on his behalf & haven,t ruled out a lexy return in a GS ? 06/07,s seem to be dropping to tempting levels ? enjoy your car,s chap,s , ,its really opened my eyes after 18yrs germanic motoring , , , £ £ £ goes a long way in lexusland & i never thought for a minute that i was missing out on quality of fit or finish , ,
  9. these guys operate from the same place where i go for remaps, ,never used myself
  10. nor was i one of the 163 but welcome to the world of 300ness ,, 1st lexus & love it , ,bought as a fill-in but will be sadly missed when it goes to the father in law , any other questions fire away
  11. search the net & you will find it is a well known problem , , usually 02 plates but maybe yours was late 51 ? my 02 has same fault as does many in the states , , problem is the laser reading the disc . . either needs replacing or realigning or whole unit replacement , ,haven't bothered with mine as a 10yr old satnav is pretty dire anyway , , easier to get a widescreen slim nav that will attach to existing screen so will still fold away when need to , ,otherwise you will be spending major ££ that you won't see again
  12. as they were local i had them fitted in with the £120 ,, that was for the 4 BTW ! 5/6mm tread on all 4 & they have loads of choice & do courier them out , , ,audley tyres in blackburn lancs , , ,never seen as many tyres in one place , ,literally thousands of them ! if anyone wants the number PM me
  13. its a pain in the arse , , i know cause i lost my adapter last year , , ,there is a kit available that works with reverse thread , , so the more you untighten the more the thread grips onto the wheelnut (really needs airgun to work properly) , ,in the end though my mechanic used a cheap socket set , ,picked a socket slightly smaller than nut head , , then bludgeoned it on with lump hammer , , ,luckily this worked on 2 nuts & the front 2 wheels had no lockbolts hope this gives you alternative
  14. when the 1st snow dropped before xmas our sportcross was hopeless which forced me to trying out winter tyres for the 1st time , had them on 6 weeks & they do grip well in the wet but today in 25mm snow/slush the lexus drove like it was 4x4 , , really impressed & would recommend to users who are considering them i picked up a set of 4 part worns as new for £120 fitted , ,money well spent