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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday ekky!

  2. On Sunday i tried my Autosocks for the first time and was amazed at the difference it made. Normally the car would have stayed safely on the drive when it snowed, but i was away and had to get home. There was about two to three inches of snow and the car wouldn't move from the position it was parked in (on a very slight slope). So a put the Autosocks on the rears and the car was moving as though there was no snow, next a short but steep hill to get onto the road, i didn't need to take a run at it, the car just made it to the top problem (to the amazement of my dad) i then had 6 miles to the m
  3. When i inquired about the HIDs being legal or not at, the reason given that HIDs were not legal in the IS200 is because it hasn't got self levelling suspension, and that only one out of the three tester in their centre would probably fail the car
  4. i got mine from
  5. I've been using one of those for a while, i've also swapped the boot interior bulb for one as well and it works really well there
  6. Here my attempt, not quite dark
  7. Is this what your after Altezza IS200
  8. I bought a set of 4300K from this guy on ebay Link delivered next day and worked fine
  9. These pictures aren't brilliant, but you can get an idea of the colour 4.3k HID low beam and sidelight 4.3k HID low beam, high beam and sidelight Hope they are of some use
  10. A couple of photo of the HIDs installed The photo i took with lights on was useless, i will try and get better one later
  11. I just bought a set from this Ebay seller HIDS i got the 4.3k bulbs and they are a big improvement on the standard bulbs. These kits wouldn't be much good for the high beams they take a couple of seconds to get up to full brightness
  12. Try this website, it has loads of infoDRC Central
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