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  1. Hi all I just bought 2003 Is300 sportcross and need replace the front bumper, searching the fleabay and cannot find genuine bumper for sportcross. Done some research about part numbers and found difference between saloon and estate front bumper cover part numbers saloon - 52119-53901 sportcross - 52119-53906 Does anybody know what is the difference between them? Or, are they interchangeable, Regards Hubert
  2. Hoobee

    2003 Sc430 Digital Music Changer ?

    I just connected two of them - Xcar Link and yatour and they dont work with my car, next I'dlike to try is Grom but I can't find the information about compatibility with the 2003 sc, have you got such a device installed in your cars and can recommend one?
  3. Hello everyone! Do you know about any kind of such a device which works with this model?
  4. Is the POWER TILT MOTOR TOYOTA/LEXUS 89231-60022 interchangeable with 89231-60021? Does anybody know?
  5. Well, I have loosened it up and it works in a short range but stops from time to time, basically how it works now is enough for me, but awareness that it does not work properly and can fail in any moment forces me to looking for a solution.
  6. I am still waiting for the reply from breakers, but already found one in US for 138 quids incl P&P and i can't see the reason to spend the money for the labour - thats simple job 20 min max.
  7. OK! it is very easy, First - move steering weel out to the limit - you need the igition on acc all the time, and opened driver door so chime is on - put the screwdriver into the door lock to swich the chime off. Remove the screws - one on the bottom of steering column cover and two placed underneath steering wheel - you need turn the wheel to uncover the screws. Now gently place flat screwdriverbetween the covers and turn to split the bottom and top covers, then remove top cover, and the bottom one - be carefull with tilt jog. Find two allen bolts placed on both sides of the steering column which are srewed into the tilt motor, disconnect the harness from the motor- orange plug and socket, and take off the black plastic bracket placed on the metal onthe left side of the steering column, undo the bolts and move the steering wheel up, the wheel must be supported during the job- get assistance or support by head. Now you will seethe motor sitting in the metal base - try to turn it anticlockwise- if the axis is maximum screwed in - to loose potentially jammed axis that may be enough, now connect the orange plug to the socket and try to run power motor by tilt jog- if works smooth and without any silly noises job is done, if there are silly noises try to lubricate the bearing and axis and run the motor using jog from end to end. To completly remove the motor from the base you need take off the c- washer on the end of the axis- be prepared you'll probablly loose it, next turn the motor anticlockwise by hand to unscrew the axis from the base. You can connect the motor to the harness and run it by jog to check how it works- it is easier to lubricate. Whole operation took aprox 20 min for the very first time. I just sent some emails to the breakers, but I am affraid that they have different steering columns - yhe part nos for the motor are different for cars produced 2001 -2003 part no is89231-50050, cars produced 2004-onwards 89231-50060 so they may differ.
  8. Hi everyone! I just have dismantled the steering column in my ls430 and i found the power tilt motor is jammed. It works in a short range, but it looks like the bearing is gone or something inside the motor is jamming it - it makes squeaky noises. So it definitely has to be replaced. Does anybody know were I can get this motor? The part no. is 89231-50060 Thanks in advance Hubert
  9. Starting new job this morning, everything crossed !!!

  10. Rear DVD system is independent, so it's not possible.
  11. I think that auto off the lights is useful. One day I left my car on the underground car park, on the way out I noticed opened window in passenger door, so I went in through this door, switched ignition on, closed the window and went out, ligts were on auto, fortunatelly after one our my friend rang to me and said that the lights are lit. It happens...)