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  1. Hi guys, Sorry for being so long offline, but i didn't knew you guys responded to my post. The 3sgte engine is one of the most uncommon engine in the tuning circles even more the new generation one the ST215, yes the engines came only out in transverse-mounted configuration, but that doesn't stop anyone of changing it to rear wheel drive. The 3sgte in my opinion is one of the best designed and manufactured engines that Toyota has made till date. Heap of potential, but not allot of parts available from the shelf and allot has to be imported or manufactured. Well modified and tuned engine can easy do 500hp, and with forge parts much, much more. We had to change the sump and the sump pickup for that and that wasn't too big of a mission. Where the fun really starts is when it is installed as the IS200 exhaust runs on the right hand side and the 3sgte is on the left hand side. With this the fuel lines and brake lines has to be modified to get it away from the heat of the exhaust. There is a few hiccup that we sorted out threw time and effort and modification but I think it is worth it, just because nobody wants to go through the hassle and change/modify everything so they use the 2JZGTE engine. Awesome engine but everyone is doing it so that is why i went for the 3sgte, allot a patience is needed. But I am almost there only need the exhaust and manifold the be-manufactured and finish the ecu wiring.
  2. Thanks for the advice. Attached is my 1 and only IS200. Is the Lexus IS200 propshaft and diff strong enough to handle a turbo charged engine, or must it be replaced?
  3. Hi My name is Jaco Muller and I am from Sunny South Africa. I bought myself a toyota 3SGTE ST215 engine in August 2010. After I had the engine I had to find the body for it, I came across a 1999 Lexus IS200 Sport. I bougt that in November 2010. Till this far I stripped the whole engine. Is in the prosses of putting it back tohether again. The foolowing parts was replaced and is waiting installed Forged Wiseco pistons Forged Eagle rods ARP head studs ACL raceing bearing for con rods and crankshaft Head has been flowed and ported New gaskets and seals all around 1.6mm Cometic head gasket to drop compresion ratio from 9:1 to 8.6:1 Blok has been honed and freeze plugs been changed Garett 60-1 turbo 600x300x75mm aftermarket intercooler My biggest problem is the gearbox because the IS200 is connected to a 1ggfe engine and the one that is replacing it is a 3sgte. What would be my best solution. Replacing it with a RS200 gearbox or just changing the bellhousing or modefying the is200 bellhousing? Please help