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  1. Just had a sudden problem. Car was driving fine yesterday. Today I went to start the car only for it to not start. If you've tried to start it while the steering wheel is moving into position, then that is exactly what its like. I get a click which might be solenoid. I thought it could be the battery being low on charge so its been recharged throughout the day but still, all I get when I turn the key is a loudish 'click' coming from what appears to driverside wing, Any help appreciated guys please!
  2. Hi TF Windscreen would lose me my ncb on insurance so would prefer to go with a used one ideally. Bloody p in the a. Same week two rear tyres went.
  3. Just got a nasty crack of about 3" situated at top corner of passenger side of windscreen due to stone chip. Can anyone give me a ballpark figure for a second hand replacement? Its not a chip but rather a crack so I doubt I can repair it. Help appreciated
  4. Hi All.. New Owner Of A Gs 300

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  6. Hi mate Had mine for a few months now although had a few different Lexus previously. 1997 Mk1 unfortunately with about seven owners although low(ish) mileage. Its a great feeling getting into a Lexus every time. You will enjoy it
  7. First Lexus!

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  9. New To Lexus

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  10. Lol, I can't remember ever seeing inside a 430 so I was looking at it thinking that it was less spec'ed than I expected! DOH! Love the finish on the car. Exhaust tips look wonderful. Great photographs
  11. If memory serves right, you can falsely trigger the lock when its open by pressing a screwdriver blade in the lid side. It would be worth trying this to see which part of the lock isn't working. Are the jaws open (unlocked) or closed? If you can close them using a screwdriver, can you unlock using the key or boot release? It might be that they (the lock and catch) are not lined up properly (they can loosed over time) or it could be that the lock is knackered (to use a technical term)
  12. Newbiesayin Hello

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  13. Hi there Welcome to the club. If the handbrake fluid is okay, it would seem likely that its either the sensor for the brake fluid OR that the sensor/switch for the handbrake is dodgy. I've had the latter on a different car. With regard to the boot lock, as Tigerfish asks, what kind of 'broken'?
  14. Best New Years Greetings From Newcomer

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  15. Gs300 Water In Car!

    I'd agree with Steve regarding the sunroof. Its happened on a couple of cars of mine so would be my first point of investigation.