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  1. We've got one of these at the moment. But if the seat in the back was rear facing all you'd see would be the back of the seat. I was thinking of another one maybe on the back window or roof to then reflect to show the babies face.
  2. Sorry, forgot to mention we already have a little girl so my wife wouldn't fit in the back aswell. Does anyone know of any mirrors that we could use ?
  3. I've got a dilema which is causing my wife to suggest that we have bought a duff car ! How dare she I hear you say...... Well, we've got another baby due at the end of April and as you're only recommended to use rear facing car seats for young babies it would be nice to put her in the front. However, you are also recommended not to use child seats in the front with an active Airbag. Therefore our baby will need to go in the back and we won't be able to see her/his face. Neither of us are comfortable with this. Does anyone have any suggestions on solving this ? I thought we could disable the Passenger airbag but Lexus Manchester told me it isn't possible without disabling ALL the airbags and they won't do it anyway. Thanks in advance, Trev.
  4. Hi all, I've got an is200 S '1999 and it ain't got a heated windscreen. Well it hadn't until the Insurance replaced my cracked one with a heated version. The fitter spotted the blanked off terminal so fitted the new windscreen to it. Do you know what I have to do to any internal switches to get to to work? Cheers, Trev.
  5. It seems second hand ones are in short supply also as I got a letter from my dealer saying there weren't enough out there, and would I like to sell mine back to the garage !
  6. Yeah. I'd like mine done all round. Would save having to **** about with the kid's sun shade that you can never get into the right position...... Now that's a good excuse to use on the wife :smilegrin:
  7. I'm sorry but these type of things really offend me. It seems pointless to put something on your car that makes it look absolutely hideous just to prevent a few small chips/fly's whatever. I'm sticking to my car looky great including the chips and flys.
  8. Just as tough, especially as there cheat routes !
  9. Now got 533.955 ... I'm gonna get the sack
  10. I want to keep the L in the middle but remove the is200 and maybe the lexus from left and right. Cheers.
  11. I can see some volvo / astra coupe.
  12. I know few of you have debadged your motors. What's the process ? Can you do it yourself ? Even now people keep asking me ..."What car is that ? ". I just want it to be even more anonymous. :wow::wow:
  13. Mine varies drastically. I do alot of motorway driving and when going steady (80'ish) I get about 400 from the tank. When I'm late or taking advantage of some nice twisty roads that goes down to sub 350. I'll leave you to work out the mpg.... I'm playing about with unleaded/super unleaded and optimax at the moment to see what differences I can feel. So far I've not done enough consistent journeys to come to a conclusion.
  14. Just ripped out the old dealer stickers and replaced them with the Team Lexus ones.... ACE ! :tumble: