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  1. Hi Kuljit I think quite a few Lexus owners get this - this is a result of wide tyres and turning circle of the car - when on full lock the tyre drags a little - I think Lexus turning circle is abit more than other cars such as BMW. I get it on my 430 when on full lock but I don't really do a full lock very often.
  2. Hi Yes I have that problem also - mainly on very cold mornings - a wack on the left hand side normally resolves it. It might have something to do with the moving mechanism parts contracting due to temperature.
  3. I replaced mine - bought them from paul frost complete with carriers - easy min job to replace by garage My front end became very crashy over bumps and the movement could be felt through the steering. All was good after the change. I was told one way to check them is put car on full lock and press the rubber bush with your finger - if it feels soft then replace. I have another vibration now which is felt through the steering when in drive (goes away in N and P) I'm replacing my transmission mount next week. My car has done 145k
  4. Are the Mp3 discs the same brand? - sometimes the cars reader can be picky. Also worth a try is playing a working disc and trying again with the burned disc. I used to have this problem on a home dvd player - sometimes it would come up with no disc with no explanation - unplugging and re-plugging always used to clear the error Maybe as a last resort you could try disconnecting and re-connecting the battery. hope this helps
  5. Yes - I've used them twice. They are really quick with email replies and service too.
  6. I just found this parts website - you may have heard of the brand and they offer free shipping to the UK They give clear pictures of the parts along with oem part numbers. I found they have quite a few bushings for the LS430 I thought it might be helpful to members - even if it might be for reference purposes I've just ordered a Transmission mount for £38 compared to £174 Lexus Parts Direct price. Hopefully it will be half decent quality
  7. Yes I remember about the tips not being in centre - if you could confirm if this has been addressed or not please. Did you also buy the fitting kit that the seller mentions?
  8. Hi Mark Just for future reference can you please let us know how the new exhaust compares to the original set up in terms of: Noise inside and outside Ease of fitment - were any additional parts required I also noticed that the new exhaust has chrome tips which the pre-facelift ls430 does not have as the exhaust is hidden?
  9. One of the other things you could check is the cabin temperature sensor - sometime these get covered in fluff and effect readings
  10. There is a buyers guide here - might be of help In addition check the there is no signs of gearbox oil and coolant contamination
  11. Yes they should come on automatically as Jason has explained. On the 430 a few seconds after the final sweep the wipers tuck themselves under the bonnet. I would say the wipers should activate within 1-2 seconds of pressing the spray button - obviously if the don't come on at all then you have a fault. On the BMWs - if you want auto wipers you have to physically press the auto button every time you use them as it resets when you turn the ignition off. On the 430 I rarely have to touch the wipers or lights button.
  12. I have only heard of one company in the UK - Heko They sell on ebay
  13. Hi Aside from doing the normal car buying checks, I would recommend getting Lexus to do an inspection and carry out a Hybrid health check, The inspection will tell you if anything is worn out underneath. The Hybrid Health Check will warranty you battery for at least a year Hope this helps
  14. I think your best bet would be to firstly do the normal car buying checks yourself. But importantly get it on a ramp and get a mechanic to give the suspension a good inspection - being a heavy car and especially at that mileage the suspension would have suffered a lot of wear and tear.