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  1. Hi - This is a cmmon problem - there is a company that does repairs BBA Reman Also there used to be a member Chris Vince who used to carry out repairs of this type - you can either send him your cluster or take the car to him - try to look him up on this forum
  2. Excellent thread and work! - I have done this but I lack the ability to think outside the box like using a bit of tissue lol! Brilliant
  3. Unbalanced audio

    Alex PM me your address and I will get the unit off to you
  4. Unbalanced audio

    Yes sure - let me locate it and I will then get your address
  5. Unbalanced audio

    I have a spare cassette player sitting around which was given to me by member Neil here - you can have it if you want
  6. I’ve seen ceramic polishing aswell
  7. Car has been relisted with a higher starting bid.
  8. Ls600hl suspension woes.

    Hi Jon Glad you got your car back all sorted and that you are happy with it. It is sitting to low for my liking - it appears as if the suspenision has collapsed ( although it has not) I have googled images of the 600h and the found the space around the sides of the arch is same all the way round including the top.
  9. If I was looking and that keen and desperate and I was hoping to keep the car a long time I would pay upto £4000 there is another one light green which has been advertised many times
  10. Now reduced to 7995 - not surprising !
  11. LS430 transmission service

    Sounds good - enjoy the journey
  12. LS430 transmission service

    Hi Jaffer I cannot help with your query but was just curious as why you chose the 430 to drive to Pakistan? The roads are not the best there and you wont be able to get that smooth refined drive plus what if you hve suspension problems? - will you find a garage to fix such suspension problems? One advice I would give is fit a separate transmission cooler if you havent already done so - not only will it prevent the the posiability of radiator failure and fluids mixing but also pakistan climate is alot hotter and a stand alone cooler will help keep things cool.
  13. Im using pagid discs with ferrodo pads on my 430 - they perform just like the originals - good bite smooth and quite braking with no dust. I normally also work off the factory jack but as a back up I put the wheel under the car aswell just incase.
  14. New battery required

    Hi - Cannot help with your question but have you considered one of them solar trickle chargers?
  15. Yes the one with vvti, xenon headlamps and satnav in dash