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  1. Hi Glad you are enjoying your LS I was a bit disappointed with your post - I was expecting a full dismantle, clean and rebuild of the throttle body 😀 - I expect that is going to happen very soon Just for info The mark 4 LS has electronic throttle control, The Mark 3 has not - for the is reason the Mark 4 throttle is very responsive and the car feels very light. I remember this particularly well when I upgraded from Mark 3 to 4
  2. Hi I haven't got one but been lurking on the GS forum and picked up a few things. Apart from checking electrics, service history and general car things the main faults to look out for are: 1) Leaking shock absorbers - these can start as early as 60k miles and the only replacement as I write is lexus parts. 2) Hybrid problems can start to surface the closer you are 100k - mainly these relate to failing individual cells within the Battery - these can be replaced with used ones but will cost you £700 by specialist companies. 3) There has been 2-3 cases of failed transmission pumps - lexus will probably quote for a new gearbox - however a member here " hayne" fixed his for alot less - look out for warning lights on test drive 4) Seized calipers is another to look out for. 5) Exhausts tend to corrode at the y pipe - there has been cases of back boxes falling off so have a good look 6) Check for rust on the bonnet leading edge thats all I can think of - when looking take an extended test drive to ensure no warning lights come on. I look on auto trader and other sites every single day and these cars are very slow movers so negotiate. As you can see the list is small but relative costs are high for example £700 buys alot of fuel Many member have opted for an extended lexus warranty which costs £995 for 2 years - this also covers the Hybrid Battery. Lexus will also do hybrid Health check and warranty the Battery for 12 months and costs £59 hope this helps
  3. A nice collection of cars and write up Before I started driving LS400s I owned 2 Camrys: first one - Green P reg 2.2 with beige interior - had about 80k miles n it second one: Sky blue M reg 3.0 with leather and only 52k miles when I sold it Lovey cars to drive and back in the days I spent many many hours just polishing and fettling with them - sadly don't get round to doing that much these days
  4. I can relate to this - the 02 sensor plug on my 430 was cut and wires joined (prior to my ownership) - I had a job finding a garage willing to work on my car to fit a new sensor a) because of access b) knowing which wire connects where
  5. I've never shown much interest in the UX but I just though i'd watch a video of it on youtube - according to one of the videos you can drive it upto 71mph on electric power - is it true - how does this tie up in real life?
  6. Not for me but these caps certainly know their way round car mechanics
  7. Hi Pete His name is phil Here is a link to his profile - hope it works
  8. Hi Pete A member call phil (Theacre) has an import LS430 - might be worth sending him a message
  9. that gs430 is very well priced and would be a good investment The LS460 on the other hand is an import so may not be everybodys cup of tea
  10. good website - open and welcoming
  11. Japex in Kings Langley have good reviews on this forum Check out their website:
  12. Maybe one of the guys can look into getting a sump plate made to fix over the cats to prevent this? just a thought . . . .
  13. Too much of a risk at that mileage - possible things to go wrong soon include hybrid battery - hybrid pump and shocks - unless it has service history where some of those have been addressed
  14. noticed it on eBay: Item number 303470617783