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  1. HI Mel Did you have an LS430 previously? - if yes how does the GS450H compare?
  2. Steve you are a perfectionist - those flange plates look like an original item I'm sure chrome plating the locking nuts and fabricating a chrome bumper protector is on your list which you are gradually working through!😀
  3. These are reviews which have been left on Auto Trader by previous customers.
  4. They have good reviews on Auto Trader
  5. I agree with some of the comments above ref getting a lower mileage one. But This is one is in immaculate condition It has been regularly serviced The seller has a good reputation for selling good quality/condition vehicles I would therefore definitely consider it The garage that done most of the servicing has got very good reviews aswell - you could probably give them a call and talk to them. I think the car has been advertised for about 3 months so you may be able to agree a lower price.
  6. Hi Tony I would first rule out the battery - the steering motors require a lot les power than the starter motor.
  7. You did the right thing - I would do the same. With regards to LS430 values - yes they are on the rise and when a low mileage one comes along the dealers will just price them really high - one example is a 37k miles facelift which a dealer has picked up and now priced at 10K
  8. Hi Paul looks like you have been very busy today - and certainly happy after getting the original smoothness back. This is not a members car by any chance purchased recently? 😏 - the clue was in the 2 sets of alloys
  9. so would they let you off if you were caught untaxed driving back from purchasing your car? or would they take a dim view since everything is now done online therefore expect you to tax before driving off?
  11. those imports are incredible value - I've just seen a 53 plate facelift with 37k miles advertised for 10K on a side note who buys Nissan cubes?