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  1. That’s a lovely car - I know you won’t regret the colour - black is hard to keep clean - silver never needs cleaning 😂 and hides imperfections - same applies to the grey leather - my Ls430 is the same colour combo
  2. Hi Steve Could it be that the sample you sent was less worn therefore lighter in colour? hence the difference
  3. HI Lee the only definitive way of finding out is to plug in a code reader and read the actual code - it could be as simple as fuel cap seal or something like an 02 sensor - I don't think the low fluid washer warning is related - if there is fluid in the reservoir it could be a faulty sensor. The GS are also prone to rust on the leading edge of the bonnet especially underneath - so check hat properly
  4. Richard are you the guy who bought that red from up north somewhere through the forum?
  5. Looks like it’s all coming together- mind you the video is very good quality - what phone is that - it looks like 60fps!
  6. might be an idea to email these guys and see if they can help
  7. well I have just looked on ebay and there are plenty listed and it seems to be exactly the same as Xcarlink but cheaper - I might take a punt on this one mainly for the handsfree function as im not a fan of phone holders
  8. hi Vlad Have you tried the Yatour? - it looks very similar to xcarlink set up which I was considering for my LS430
  9. I have just bought a members car so mine is up for sale: 2004 Facelift Lexus LS430 in Silver with Grey Leather 147000 miles Owned since 2012 – 2 previous owners MOT till Mach 2021 – No advisories Full Service History as follows: 24.3.05 – Lexus Dealer – 9388 miles 28.7.06 – Lexus Dealer – 22313 miles 14.3.07 – Lexus Dealer – 27431 miles 12.1.08 – Lexus Dealer – 40524 miles Owner change 10.2.09 – Templetons – 58166 miles 17.3.10 – Templetons – 75982 miles 25.8.11 – Templetons – 95599 miles 16.8.12 – Templetons – 108933 miles Timing Belt Replaced Owner change 31.10.13 – Local Garage – 115149 miles 21.11.14 – Local Garage – 119221 miles 14.9.15 – Local Garage – 129978 miles 17.3.17 – Local Garage – 136655 miles 22.2.18 – Local Garage – 140107 miles 21.3.19 – Local Garage – 143826 miles Part receipts available for services whilst in my posession Other receipts available for tyres, brake parts, sensors etc which I have replaced Very clean interior Lots of toys, Keyless entry, electric heated leather, touchscreen controls, rear reclining seats, reverse camera, sunroof, soft close doors Drives lovely, smooth and quite just as a Lexus should – very comfortable Looks very modern and presentable from a distant – bumpers have chips and scuffs, 2 doors keyed. 5p tear in drivers seat Documents and 1 key present £2995 Airbag light comes on intermittently when passenger seat is used but always clears up after restart - this has been like this since I have owned the car and does not throw up any fault codes. This is a Private Sale Cash or BACS on Collection
  10. Yes it - happens with mine especially summer
  11. yes - silicone spray tend to make things very smooth - but keep it away from steering. Also I think most dash shine sprays will do the same - I have a very cheap one and whenever I use it - it makes the dash smooth