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  1. I have to add that the wheels on my brothers 2013 BMW still look very presentable with minimal flaking - some kerbing though Stuarts wheels are not the norm - maybe there is an outside factor?
  2. Wow - those are looking worser than my 17 year old LS430 wheels - hopefully they will be as good as new - just make sure they use correct looking silver colour
  3. Are you symptoms same as this post? Gs450H Heating Goes Cool When Engine Shuts Off (Driving/slowing Down) - Lexus GS 300 / Lexus GS 250 / Lexus GS 430 / Lexus 450h / Lexus GS 460 Club - Lexus Owners Club
  4. Hi Oh yes they do I do wish the seats would warm up a little quicker though The seats in my brothers BMW heats up within a minute and the heat pads are well placed aswell
  5. have a look at the last post here: heated seat switch bulb p/n - ClubLexus - Lexus Forum Discussion
  6. I think that is simple but ingenious - In the event of a flat battery you have all this power in form of a hybrid but no way to utilise this
  7. Hi Howard I am pretty sure no-one in the UK has tried it. When i had my mark 3 I even bought a replacement seat from a mark 3 which had only done 50k miles and that did not work either.
  8. Hello David The sat nav drive sits on the left of the boot under the boot lining and the right handside houses the reverse camera and amplifier - it could be possible the water has go to some of these parts (certainly the satnav drive is located quite low) or they have been effected by moisture - I would remove the boot lining - start with removing the black cover near the catch and then follow your way round - and make sure everything is bone dry. If its not the above then it could be a weak battery - get your battery checked. And finally if the above 2 are ok then just try a b
  9. Hi George - please post your opinion of them when they arrive and you have fitted them
  10. Well - now that we have experienced this in the family it was quite scary and we felt helpless at times. Fever for over 2 weeks with wont go down, cough, loss of smell and taste, vomit with blood - fever subsided after about 17 days and things improved from there. Hearing alot about it on a local level compared to the last 2 lockdowns Hope everyone is ok.
  11. Just to update you guys on this - the car has stopped doing this - why? - I don't know? - it starts perfectly even in 0 degrees - so hopefully was a glitch. The only quote I got locally was £650 for a replacement denso motor - ouch!
  12. Years ago I used a local motor factors for my Mark 4 LS400 Battery - after about a year the car failed to start - they swapped it over without quibble - In this case I was able to approach them face to face with proof of purchase - that's one advantage of buying local - ideally a well established outlet Couple of years ago i replaced my LS430 battery with an Exide one from car parts for less which I think had a 3 year warranty - my thinking here CPFL will still be around in 3 years time and Exide are a battery business so the chances of it failing were less. I think if you stick to a
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