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  1. It might be an idea to start a new thread with appropriate title to attract more and the right people
  2. just check the red one has only done 63k! (m reg) - must be an MOT issue
  3. There used to be a mint red prelude on our road and I used to always admire the immaculate paintwork. I have just recently noticed a small trader has the same car - hes now breaking it after failing to find a buyer😳
  4. Especially if it's a mint LS400 which has just had the clay bar treatment!
  5. well its certainly opened my eyes - I was thinking of upgrading in the next couple of years
  6. Is this is the one in Wellingborough. In any case a visit to the dealer is an eye opener and goes to show although a car may look and appear well cared for with FSH - it doesn't mean its all good underneath and even more so on cars of the size and age.
  7. Hi Normally this information is in the manual - if you have one might be worth a look.
  8. Phil I do agree with you but I have a feeling someone, somewhere will pay the price - The dealer facilities will give it the slight edge over a private seller. 3 - 4 years ago a very similar condition LS400 went from a private individual to a dealer in oxford who sold it for (IIRC) £12995 within a week The buyer came on here briefly to say he was on the lookout for one and bought it on the spot. We'll see . . . . . . . . .
  9. Hi Ged Your car is very new model so owners with problem may be very limited. I would take it back to the supplying dealer and speak to them - perhaps get them to drive yours to see what they think and then drive one of their cars to see if you notice the same. From experience on here the GS450H is know to have the creaking dash problem which some owners have fixed by stuffing strips of foam around the dash where it meets the car body. hope this helps
  10. What mileage is your car at out of interest?
  11. Hi There is a common problem on these whereby the bearing on the pumps fail - this can be a very cheap fix if you are good with spanners There is a write up here by a member: hope this helps