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  1. Good result! So are you saying that a GS uses a similar key i.e with the button on the side of the key?
  2. Hi I am surprised there is no fault code present. One thing you could do is check your fuel cap is tight and also the rubber sealing washer is intact
  3. I believe you herbie since you here to tell the tale lol
  4. When a mark 3 still has the front bumper trims intact - you know its been looked after - good find!
  5. HI Have you had a look at the white one from Elite Venture?
  6. I think the difference are subtle but there: Mark 4 Key has 3 buttons Mark 3 key is seperate from the remote Mark 4 feels alot lighter due to electronic throttle Mark 4 has Xenon headlights Mark 4 heated seats are more reliable Mark 4 has the obvious touchscreen controls Mark 4 seats are marginally softer Mark 4 is marginally economical due to 5th gear For me I found that in Mark 3 I got a thud when D is engaged on a cold start - this was less noticeable on the Mark 4 Given that you have done a lot of work to your current car - if you do buy this one you will probably start checking everything and OCD wil get the better of you and you will repeat the process lol thats all i can think of
  7. that dial seems expensive for what it is - I remember many years buying from the same company dial kits for pajero imports - the pack used to contain speedo, rev, gear and 4x4 indicator and they used to be around £30
  8. I think I would like to try something else in the near future - been driving cars of this era for a long time - perhaps a Mercedes C class 15/16 - I think Lexus are a bit behind tech wise
  9. Looks like you got it looking and riding perfectly phil - lets hope no more niggly problems crop up - these cars are so silent that even your hands rubbing on the steering starts to get annoying 😃
  10. All good phil - looks goods - drives very good - was hoping to give it a valet and polish before end of summer but never got round to it. I also need to fit to front door seals because the edge on the current ones is slightly perished (the tiny lip on the edge).
  11. LS430s get valued lower than 400s these days - I'm sure good condition , looked after LS430s will go up in price as numbers start to fall
  12. Thats very impressive I ordered some stationary items from a company less than 20 miles from me on Thursday - they arrived today via UPS
  13. same here - do a service every year regardless of mileage