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  1. HI Nick This sounds like a leak in the system - this can be easily fixed by tracing the leak and carrying out a repair and then re-gassing.
  2. lovely car! mine is over due a valet whats the story with the dealer - I noticed the car is not up for sale any more?
  3. Ferrodo is also a good one - I have front Pagid discs with Ferrodo pads and the breaking is nice smooth and quite with zero brake dust.
  4. I remember this car when it was up for sale- I don’t know wether you are the seller or you bought it from him - but he was some sort of engineer and had done alot of work to it.
  5. All the best / I saw yours advertised- didn’t last long!
  6. Mmm didn’t realise these were also being imported neither have I seen one for sale
  7. Hi phil I don't understand why you are going through this extra expense when suspension failures are far and few between. You car is also low mileage which reduces the chance even further. mine is on 140k plus and no signs of leaks or problems. What happens if your car is written off??
  8. No I haven’t but it was originally advertised by private seller in st Neots for 5495 before this seller snapped it up - I believe he is a trader from home - originally it hade a couple of scrapes on the bumper
  9. HI Messi it was a straight fit because Phil's LS430 is a Celsior (import)
  10. it opened on my phone last night - (although didn't read it all) But won't open now on the laptop
  11. A silver facelift ls430 has just appeared on ebay with FSH - I believe it is a members car - might be worth a look