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  1. Well judging by how clean the scuttle looks now I think we are going to end up with a showroom worthy car in the end
  2. looks like this car has turned up at a dealers priced at £8990😳
  3. My brother went through this scenario couple of months ago albeit with his BMW 335D Total cost was about £600 and he had to pay over half from his own pocket
  4. Hi phil I believe you get this warning when the cabin filter needs changing To reset press and hold the off button for the climate controls whilst the engine is running hope this helps
  5. I'm optimistic that this virus will be gone in a few weeks and we'll be able to pick up where we left off with hopefully minimal impact. what do you guys this think? will there be long term effects?
  6. I bought mine from ebay at that time and they came with speaker glue - they still work fine
  7. Very doable project - and I look forward to future progess reports. The only the thing I would say which is not fixable is the heated seats unless you buy a new set of seats or strip the originals and replace the heating elements. This is was a common problem on the Mark 3 LS and I couldn't get mine to work even after buying a set of used seats from a 50k mile car. all the best
  8. Its happened to me aswell - was loading something in the boot and had keys in my hand which I accidently left in the boot - the car beeped and I was able to open the boot
  9. They could of done a better job! The glass breaking - not required The actor was not a good choice Generally not well put together and doesn't quite bring across the finesse of the Car/Brand. Like the tagline though "stirs nothing but the soul"
  10. I had the same set of events with my 430 and it turned out to be the amplifier. On mine the temperature adjustment beeps were also gone This was repaired by SVT services in Edinburgh. You could ring them for advice
  11. I think it really boils down to a personal thing. I've had the mark 3 and 4 of the LS400 and for me the favourite is the Mark 4 LS400 out of the 2 When I bought my 430, initially I had reservations, I think my expectations were that the 430 would be quieter and smoother than the 400 - but it is not - I think noise wise the 430 is the same but due to the wider larger tyres it looses that wallowing effect which when you get used to - you don't notice it - I certainly think if you went straight for the 430 without owning the 400 you would find it very quite and smooth. The gear change is a lot smoother than the 400. There are other things that for me if I was to go and buy a 400 would be a step back such as 1) Modern ageless looks and cabin 2) Better higher seating position (ls400 are less corseting and smooth that you slide around) 3) Brighter headlights 4) Keyless entry and soft close doors If possible I would try to drive both marques and then make your mind up.
  12. this one:
  13. Messi - I bet you are bidding on W361 XAH 🤪
  14. well done jay - are you the same jay that sold that mint LS460 a short while back? and did you own a bronze ls400 with chrome wheels?