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  1. Was just browsing for my dream car (in the years to come) and came across this video. Apparently Lexus stands for Luxury Export US - something I didn't know
  2. I suppose on the plus side - they don't get covered in soot and remain shiny for longer. The chrome on the LS is amazing quality - even 15 years later it remains shiney with little swirl marks
  3. If you click on the original link I posted and then click on view relisted item. I have just noticed the second listing has also been ended so perhaps it did sell albeit at £2695
  4. Perhaps this topic might help you:
  5. There was 4 marks to the LS400 Mark 1 - 1989 -1991 Mark 2 - 1991 - 1995 Mark 3 - 1995 - 1997 Mark 4 - 1998 - 2000 I think the mark 3 has the best looks
  6. A lovely looking car - I see you have some bling on your wheels which we don't get in the UK. Enjoy
  7. I'm no way connected with this ad - it just melted my heart !!lol And that's a very reasonable asking price - wont last long
  8. hi I am not sure wether you are aware but the LS430 has a weak spot where as coolant mixes with the ATF causing gearbox failure - this is due to the radiator design. I would start by checking the colour of your coolant to rule out fluid contamination. hope this gives some insight
  9. The LS430 has small air filters under the seat - might be worth checking if your car has them and if they need cleaning.
  10. lovely looking car - well worth the effort The LS range oozes quality inside out - the paintwork and chrome trims maintain their sparkle even after all those years
  11. Jon if you sold your LS privately did you not get the 3k you wanted to purchase the your upgrade?
  12. I searched facebook ads and there are 2 being broken - one in Orpington and one in Derby