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  1. 😂 good point. I’m way too far away to have it done. Do us all a massive favour and solve this mystery 🤔
  2. @Linas.P not sure what you're asking there mate? you mean i get more torque from lower revs? I know it feels sharper and seems to pull slighty better. I know its not very scientific tho. I may record mine doing 0-60, see what i get from it? and compare to a stock is250
  3. i should add that the dyno testing done by K& N was on a 350. so probably get less hp from my 250.
  4. No, never dyno tested the car before or after mods. But I have owned the car for a while now, driven it plenty without the K&N typoon induction kit or exhaust air filter made a slight difference on throttle response, even in sport mode. but the noise it makes is the most notable change. Worth the ££ i spent just for that sound imo. and it makes the engine bay look much nicer. the exhaust, again, feels a bit quicker and picks up the power earlier. but this is just me "feeling" the car as i drive it. not very scientific i know. Its an ARK DT-s exhaust system, Kept the original manifolds and cats, but get more flow and hopefully more power. With the typhoon and exhaust i should get about 23bhp+ from what the websites stated figures.
  5. This is true. I'd have to drive it a few hundred miles there and back so i'm pretty sure i'd know if it was working the way it should. and decide to get a refund or not Still not sure. i have typhoon induction kit and full stainless steel exhaust system anyway, not much point trying to squeeze any more power?? i'm thinking just save up for an IS-f instead lol
  6. I doubt i'd have it done tbh. Too far to travel for me being in Derby, expensive job that won't get many gains imo. but it's nice to know it can be done.
  7. Well, I emailed them and the guy was very helpful and said it can be done. But not many people do it. And that gearbox tuning can’t be done on this car. But engine remapping can. For the money it might not be worth the 20+ bhp gain. But it can be done
  8. Is 250 engine remap this place does engine remapping on the is250 auto. It’s in Kent.
  9. Go for the eibach ones. I've got them on my 250 Please be aware that if you install any lowered sport springs the camber will be off balance at the front of the car. I had to install new ball joints to readjust the camber to stop inner tyre ware.
  10. According to my patner the new IS looks nothing like the current one. It also has a similar front grill to the currect CT200h and new GS. Lexus will be having this front grill style on all models from now on.
  11. I cant wait for the new IS hybrid next year. My partner works at lexus and has seen the pre-production model. If you like the new GS you'll love the new IS she said. I think the hybrid route is a good one to go down. Although i dont like the drive of the new CT200h, I think the bigger models will benefit from hybrid drive.
  12. I think getting a slighlty darker mix on the paint was a good choice. Even though it was a accident maybe. Thanks for the info on the offsets. It will definately help me decide the correct wheels. Im not sure if you've had experience with this wedsite ( but it seems to be the best price for wheels with tyres fitted.
  13. I was unsure if maybe full lock created issued with 19's. Thanks for the advice. Very nice car by the way. Love the Cadoxton slate colour Im not normally one for black wheels but these go with the car very well. I will post pics when i have them. Thanks again.
  14. Hi . i know this is a very late post but thought I'd give my thoughts. All IS 250 models can come with nav. Doesnt matter which one you go for its just the combination you want to pick that will be difficult. If it has Leather seats then they will definitaly be electric. if its perferated leather then it will also have the cooling feature aswell as heating. You can also get the mark levinson add-on in some cars witch includes the extra speaker and 6 cd changer. SE-L are usually the best specked, they also have the electric memory seats and rear electric sun visor. But the SE-L's have the wood dash interior which is a bit old man style if you ask me. TI wen t for an Se model that had had the nav and leather seats put in from new. Its practically an SE-L without a couple of features.
  15. Thanks for the quick response Tango. So can i just buy the stock GS300 calipers and disks. Will there be any additional parts I may need. A quick side note - Did you experience any problems with rubbing when running 19's on a standard 250. I know the ISF runs 19's but i think the archers are bigger to accomodate them. Standard 250's dont come with 19's OEM. From the pictures it looks like you have used lowering springs, did this also upset the camber angle (rubbing the inside tyre) I am going for the coilover option BR Racing coilover kit.