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  1. Thanks a lot for the info John.
  2. How often do you have your cambelt changed?I had mine done at 45000 miles at lexus tunbridge wells and they said it wasnt hardly worn now done 95000 miles?
  3. Just thought I would let you all know if you want any pads soon go to 50% off for the next 4 days only.☺️
  4. I dont believe it!!!took the lexus out today traction control flashing away got up to the M25 collecting a model yacht looked down and no flashing warning light.Ive got a self curing Lexus.No sign of a fault all the way back phew who knew that would happen. ☺️😎
  5. No 82 years old,changing rear wheel yesterday could not lift the wheel and fell over.chap next door did it for me 😠
  6. Must admit I have only had 1 set of pads in95000 miles so I dont use the brakes very often [82 year old codger] Had the car from new.
  7. Thanks Malc but I have lost ABS as well did that happen to yours?
  8. No I have been retired for 20 years as a skilled mechanic so modern car electrics are way beyond me. Thanks for your help anyway.
  9. That sounds expensive,do you think it is still safe to drive.The brakes had a good pasting on my test run and worked perfectly.Brake fluid still at the top.Could it be electrical prob.
  10. Hi,John yes it is I took the car out and all seems ok but it has no ABS now.
  11. Hi,all my 2000 is 200 has just developed its first fault,I was just driving along in town when the traction control off light started flashing I have read all I can find on the forum but none have exactly the same symptoms.One I read said it was the brake light switch so I dashed outside to check but no such so luck.Anyone that can help would be of great assistance.
  12. Does anyone know if the alarm on my is200 year 2001 is Thatcham approved.Thanks.

  13. Happy Birthday percy!

  14. Thanks a lot lads,it never ceases to amaze me how you come up with answers to my questions.
  15. Hi guys,does any one know how to burn CDs that will play on my old IS200.I have tried windows media and ashampoo with no success I just get an error-1 message.Any advice would be very welcome.