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  1. Happy Birthday db9429!

  2. HI all, Anyone else getting this? I'm a bit concerned as the scratches actually look quite deep, as if someone has been repeatedly opening the door with sharp rings on each finger, on each door (including the drivers door - I don't have any jewelry) Any recommendations on fixing it? I also have tiny scratches all over the car which you can only see when you look closely, as if I've driven it through a bush, however I don't recall doing so :eerrrmm:
  3. Hi everyone, I've noticed a tear on the side of the centre console (ie on the bit adjacent to the car seat) of my IS250, and it's bugging the hell outta me :) I want to get it replaced, but I don't even know where to start. It's black 'leather'. Can anyone point me in the right direction? My Google searches are failing me..! Everything I find is pointing to replacing the whole centre console, but even that only refers to the top bit where the auto gear stick is... Thanks
  4. Hi I forgot I posted this...was just going through the threads an noticed it. It's been discovered that the discoulouration was from a badly done respray, presumably because of stone chips. The Lexus dealership were very good and are covering the cost to get it sorted. Great service (Have been dealing with Mike at Nottingham)
  5. Hmmm, I don't think I have it. I can see the buttons you mean, but they only allow you to switch the daytime running lights on/off, parking sensors on/off, and whether to display your speed on the digital dash or not...no option in that menu for folding mirrors from what I can see...ah well. Perhaps the F-Sport doesn't have it, like the electric steering wheel column thing as well, which I believe comes on your model?
  6. Hello Everyone, Happy Christmas! Has anyone who's got a pearl white car noticed any sort of discolouration on the bonnet? (or anywhere really..?) Mine has a subtle (although against the white is quite distinct) yellowish patch, about a foot long/4 or 5 inches wide, just off centre going from the end of the bonnet up towards the windscreen. I thought it was being caused from the way the artificial lights in my garage were hitting it as I park in the exact same spot each day, but other people have noticed it in broad daylight out and about. It looks almost like it could have been heat that's caused it, but I doubt very much it's that... Maybe it's just my eyes, although as I've said other people have noticed it too. Thanks in advance!
  7. The what? I can't seem to see what you mean? There's a button on the door near the window buttons, which I press to fold them in manually, which I always forget to do when the engine is still on (so I have to turn it back on again... :) ), but I can't see a satellite button. (2011 model)
  8. No - but I'm going to as a temporary measure until I either get a 'proper' iPod or figure out how to get a USB stick working in there...!
  9. Hello everyone, Is the USB port just for iPods/iPhones? I thought perhaps I could put some MP3s on a USB stick and plug it in, but it didn't work. Do you have to put them in a certain folder so the car can read them? I also tried an iPod nano thing (the really small 2GB ones) with no luck. I'm starting a new job and have had to give my iPhone back, and will be getting a Windows phone at the new place which may not work either.. Cheers, db9429
  10. Right. I thought that might be the case. Thanks. I didn't realise there was a page 2 - will check later and see how I get on. Thanks everyone!
  11. Yeah sure I've attached the map data version as well. On the postcode screen, you can type in the first 5 characters, and then it stops you typing. I am however in the bit where you choose the town. I can't figure out, if such a thing exists, how to choose to be more specific (ie full post code)
  12. I checked earlier, but I can't remember the version number. I will have a look again tomorrow. I tried to do an update, but it mentioned that there would be a charge for it, but didn't say how much, or how payment would be taken, or even if there was definitely an update available... Any idea what version is the latest (or what version are you running?) Thanks for your help :P
  13. Hmmmm I wonder...Mine was registered in March. Would that mean it cant do full post code search? Is there an update available? Thanks!