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  1. Hi. Never got my Nokia windows phone to work through USB used Bluetooth which works but seems to pause after three tracks and I have to press play again. Suggest you use bluetooth Cheers Steve
  2. I think that it is only the Premier that has the hard drive facility
  3. Has anybody worked how to shuffle music from the albums stored on the hard drive? The random function only seems to shuffle tracks from the album playing which is a bit pointless.
  4. I to got the CT200 due to the Company Car Tax savings which where quite large compared to my old BMW touring. Bit surprised at the low 40s MPG. I have been getting 52-53 over the last two months (averaged). My commute is 64 miles round trip A roads Motorway and a bit of urban also that two months includes four trips to Noth Wales 300 miles round trip 90% motorway. With regard to dealers Lexus Bolton have been excellent no negatives at all. Would have another, unless as you say the benefit is negated when the deisel premium goes. Then I would be in a bit of a quandry, probably BMW again.
  5. reecey


    To close this off. Now we are enjoying some warmer weather, for how long, my MPG has returned to normal. As suggested a cold weather problem.
  6. Never had the bottle to go much more than 10 miles or so after the range reads zero, even though I know that there should be about 8 - 10 litres left. Obviously a bit of a wimp, will try it in future though. Thanks
  7. Sorry 350 should read 380. Still not much help for your marathon trips!
  8. Hi I usually get around 350 miles per fill up. If you look at the MPG thread there is an explanation about how much fuel is left in the tank when the light comes on and why. Cheers
  9. Hi, hope you are enjoying the car. The British is electronic brake, can be used to slow the car down and charge the battery. Yes I do use it. Not aware of the facility for digital speedo. Use the cruise control but never thought about what happens going downhill so I suppose it must. Never used the hill hold assist. Managed for fifteen months without. Hope this helps
  10. reecey


    Thanks for that. Tried a Nokia Lumia 920 and a Samsung Galaxy S3 with different cables to no avail. Bluetooth works fine, guess I am doing something wrong. Will try again
  11. reecey


    A couple of questions regarding USB 1. Can you use the USB to charge a device? Doesn't seem to want to charge my phone. 2. Can you play music from a device, not iPod? Tried a couple of phones with no success. Look forward to any comments Oops sorry about the header
  12. reecey


    Hi MrMajic. You are missing the point. I have driven the CT for over 12 months in the same driving style. The point I am making is that I am seeing a drop of around 5MPG latterly. It is not a temperature related issue as last winter I was getting around 50 - 55 MPG average. The question i am asking is could the 30,000 miles i have now covered be effecting the MPG? Anybody any thoughts?
  13. reecey


    Hi Wass. Yes I am saying I am down by about 5MPG. I know about the temperature difference, i.e the colder it is the less MPG. Had the car last winter but didn't notice such a big drop overall, not been that cold this winter until now of course. Brrrrr Just had the car serviced so i don't think it is a break problem, will check though.
  14. reecey


    No this not the usual how much are you getting etc. I have had my CT over 12 months now and have covered over 30,000 miles. I have noticed over the last couple of months my consumption has dropped to an average of 45 - 50 mpg previously i was returning around 45 - 50 mpg. Anybody else covered this sort of miles and noticed any reduction in mpg? Cheers
  15. I agree the cup holders are unnecessary it would be better for storage if the whole was rectangular, but everything is manufactured for the Americans.