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  1. How about fuel pressure? Looking for leaks is not checking capacitors. Just sayin'. All electrolytic capacitors with non-solid electrolyte age over time, due to evaporation of the electrolyte. The capacitance usually decreases and the equivalent series resistance (ESR) usually increases. The normal lifespan of a non-solid electrolytic capacitor of consumer quality, typically rated at 2000 h/85 °C and operating at 40 °C, is roughly 6 years. It can be more than 10 years for a 1000 h/105 °C capacitor operating at 40 °C. Electrolytic capacitors that operate at a lower temperature can have a considerably longer lifespan.
  2. For DHP wheels 245/50R17 would be the best size. I suppose most people go with size 225/55R17. MK III: 225/60R16 245/50R17 225/55R17 225/50R17 235/55R17 100Km/h 99,94 99,57 102,98 97,99 OE 0.06% too slow 0.43% too slow 2.98% too fast 2.01% too slow I recommend: Vredestein Quatrac 5 - 225/55 R17 101Y XL (B/C/70)...2tires/215€....HP high performance in 2014 front rear All Season tires 2,6 bar 2,8 bar
  3. Starter-motor-solenoid? Look for starter repair kits on UK-fleabay (repairkitsuk). Superb quality.
  4. Wheels definitely are Platinum Edition and that is a special edition in the US. Platinum Series (SE) Appliques, Bird's Eye Maple Wood Wheels, 16-inch Custom Alloy Moonroof, Power Badging, Black Pearl Exterior Floor Mats, Platinum Signature Embroidered Headlights, High-Intensity Discharge Leather Trim, Textured Royale Compact Disc Changer, In-Dash Platinum Series (SF) Appliques, Bird's Eye Maple Wood Seats, Heated Wheels, 16-inch Custom Alloy Radio, Nakamichi Premium AM/FM ETR Stereo with Cassette Badging, Black Pearl Exterior Headlights, High-Intensity Discharge Leather Trim, Textured Royale Moonroof, Power Floor Mats, Platinum Signature Embroidered Platinum Series (SG) Appliques, Bird's Eye Maple Wood Leather Trim, Textured Royale Wheels, 16-inch Custom Alloy Navigation System Package Floor Mats, Platinum Signature Embroidered Badging, Black Pearl Exterior
  5. Here is some info regarding DHP option.:
  6. It's an old thread but who cares. If someone is looking for a good high performance all season tire I recommend Vredestein Quatrac 5 - 225/55 R17 101Y XL (B/C/70). Introduced in 2014 and tire pressure is 2,6 front/2,8rear.
  7. Nice pics but have you checked engine coolant yet? It looks a bit low. Greetings
  8. INSPECTION FRONT LOWER BALL JOINT...................There is no need for a pry bar.
  9. Just another hint. Where to look for part number and location: UK-model Europe RHD year '94:
  10. My car (RHD-UK-model '97) is fitted with it. How about earlier models? Let's find out and confirm. PS: I look for and take every LS related repair manual I can find....:o)....
  11. A repair manual is such a wonderful thing to have, isn't it? EVAP system UCF10: EVAP carchoal canister location UCF20 (model year '95-'97):
  12. Got a diagnostic code yet? Check your car's evaporative emission (EVAP) control system. - visually inspect charcoal canister - look for cracks or damage - (could be clogged) check for clogged filter and stuck check valve and diaphragm You will find procedure in the repair manual under Emission Control. Blockage preventing the tank from properly venting. This could be due to a plugged charcoal canister or canister filter, a stuck closed canister close valve, or any sort of blockage in the evaporative system.
  13. What Landsail model do you run on your LS400 and does it have M+S label?
  14. That sounds like: 89221 - COMPUTER, MULTIPLEX NETWORK BODY Repair Manual from a 1997 LEXUS LS400 (RM514U) / DI–594 DIAGNOSTICS – MULTIPLEX COMMUNICATION SYSTEM Matrix Chart of Problem Symptoms: Key Reminder System Headlight and Taillight System Illuminated Entry System Seat Belt Warning Power Window Control System Power Tilt and Power Telescopic Steering Column Power Seat Control System Power Mirror Control System Power Door Lock Control System Headlight Auto Turn–off System Wiper and Washer System Power Shoulder Belt Anchorage System The culprit might just be some corrosion on the connector plug!?
  15. I do not know if it will fit. Looks the same, but it's got different part numbers. 1996: 1999: Toyodiy says it will fit: 67003-50905 Europe, General 10/1994-07/2000 LEXUS LS400 UCF20 67-05: REAR DOOR PANEL & GLASS