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  1. Those center caps are discontinued. I went with Renault center caps. Same measurements.
  2. If you wanna change the thermistor cooler sensor (88625-47031) in the rear, you do it like this. See pic 2. That sensor looks like the one I replaced on a 1997 LS400.
  3. Yes, it was an option on the MK3 model in 1995 - at least in Germany. Wheel type: 54007001 (produced by O.Z. for Lexus) 17" [8Jx17 H2] / offset is ET40 Non-DHP: Dunlop SP Sport 2020 E 225/55R17 97W
  4. I wrote an instruction some years ago. Good luck. Before you measure any rest current your car has to get into "sleep mode". Keep in mind that in order for the car to sleep at all it must be off and nothing can be "touched" (no opening of the trunk or doors, no pressing any buttons on the key fob etc.) If something is touched the timer starts all over again. How long it takes for it "to go to sleep" I am not quite sure, but 30 minutes should be enough and rest current should be under 0,05Amps (50mA). For comparison my 1997 LS400 has a rest current of 24,8mA. Alarm went off at about 11,82Volts. Battery should be charged when less than 12,4Volts (75%). Procedure of how I did it and got a reading of 24,8mA: - Turn ignition off and pull the key - Open engine bonnet and close its lock with a screwdriver - Close all doors - leave the battery connected and arm the anti theft deterrent system either by key or by key fob.....and check security lamp if it works - to be sure leave the car alone for about 30 - 60 minutes (I went back to the car after about one hour) - go back to the car's battery and measure rest current without interrupting the current. Before disconnecting the battery put the pair of test leads (black one/-)to the negative battery terminal and the other (red one/+/amps or mA) to the negative terminal disconnect carefully terminal and clamp. PS: I put a Varta E23 (70ah 630a) in. That was 5 years ago and without any problems since. Varta E23 (Weight: 17 kg Length: 261 mm Width: 175 mm Height: 220 mm)
  5. Don't you rotate tires? Lexus recommends tire rotation at approx. 7500 miles on a 96 model.
  6. Part of the pipe is flexible and my car's cracked right there due to the vibrations, temperature and age, I would think. In a UK LS400 it is right in front of the driver and can cause dizziness due to carbon monoxide poisoning when inlet air turned on. 1992 1997
  7. Those 9 spoke wheels won't fit the front axle of a 95-00 LS400 because of the 50 offset the have. Original 1997 LS400 = 16"x7" (5x114.3, 60.1mm hub) / ET40 offset You will need those 10 spoke wheels:
  8. To all whom it may concern. Some time ago I found a nice educational video - rear wheel drive oversteer @4:30: How to correct a slide on an icy road (and how to prevent them) - Winter driving education
  9. Would shifting in S mode be of any help in that kind of situation? That way overdrive mode is turned off (engine brake is being used) and the car is able to stabilize better I would think.
  10. @Daveyboy20 Quote: " Posted October 30 I think the thread is a little confusing as there are 2 cars being spoken about.. To clarify: Mine is a '98 LS400 It has had wheels balanced recently, but the tyres are quite old and worn. It only happens at speed (55-75ish) High speed braking had a brake pedal judder. Round town it's fine. " How old are the tires?
  11. wheel type: 54007001 ...introduced by O.Z. for Lexus in 1994 for 95 model 17" [8Jx17 H2] the offset is ET40
  12. Regarding Removing Spark Plugs: - Remove spark plugs on an alloy engine only when engine is cooled down. - Do not use anti-seize on spark plugs. Put them dry back in.
  13. Wow. Never knew that the exhaust system came with & without (W/O) catalytic converter option. Good to know. EXHAUST PIPE W/O (CONVERTER) (9410- )1UZFE..V ; (9410- )1UZFE..RHD..EUR option: EXHAUST PIPE W (CONVERTER) (9410- ) option:
  14. Look for high temp FIPG and do not use the cheapest stuff! Sealant black - Oil Pan:...................FIPG - Formed-in-place gasket oil pan bolt: 12 x 7.5 Nm FIPG 00295-00103 (250 grad celsius) Alternative: not that expensive: K2 Silikon black (300 grad celsius) or Beral High Temp FIPG (that works superb on mine for almost 5 years now).