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  1. Happy Birthday Shigo!

  2. I have sprintbooster installed on my is220d and on stg1 (green) is one of the best mods I did on my diesel. Few days ago I have bought is250 AT that have ECT option and on PWR ECT works ok. Anyone here have Sprintbooster installed on is250at and could you see the difference: 1. normal + sprintbooster green 2. pwr ect + sprintbooster green I don't know how pwr ect works but I know how sprintbooster works and thats why I asked here because maybe there is some collision between them or is that working good? tnx
  3. P0088 Fuel Rail/System Pressure - Too High P0093 Fuel System Leak Detected - Large Leak Read more at: Copyright ©
  4. LOL care :) odi na toyota club crotia forum i tamo sam napisao koliko-toliko o čemu se radi.. i na myhrawebu isto ali ako nisi regan ne možeš čitat. javi na mail što ti ne bude jasno pitaj poz care
  5. anyone have dyno results from IS220d? stock or modified
  6. 50eur in Croatia, local mechanic in lexus centre it would be 3hrs work 1hr is 33.333eur+25% (VAT) = 42eur 3x42 = 125eur cca
  7. sorry, my mistake, I'm searching for LSD and found this..
  8. White Pearl Crystal Shine 062
  9. rear diff housing is the same for all is2 (xe20)
  10. press start button on the orange squeeze the trip button and hold press start button without the clutch on the green keep still trip and wait 10-sec
  11. isnt that with eibach pro kit springs? you didnt saw lower right description?
  12. Tnx. Its only different light/WB setup.