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  1. Thanks Tony. Just for my benefit, would you be able to explain the link between that and why the car starts when the outside temperature has risen? What's the best way to fix this? (ideally avoiding an expensive trip down to the dealers)?
  2. My Lexus problems....

  3. Hi, I have a somewhat similar problem with my IS 220d (2006). On a cold morning (cold defined as temperature reading on the OBC is 12 degrees celsius) I push the button, the engine starts and then cuts out after a couple of seconds. I try it the second time and the same occurs. Third time and the engine does not turn. When (and if) the temperature picks up during the day, I start the car in the same way and it starts with the engine running continuously without cutting out. I've had the AA out a couple of times and even they have been unable to fix it. Took it to a mechanic and he connected he hooked it up to a diagnostics machine but there was no fault code - everything was fine. The closest Lexus Garage to me is 45 miles away so any help / suggestions would be much appreciated.
  4. Hi, My Lexus was running fine last night but when I started it this afternoon, the engine starts and then cuts out after a couple of seconds. A friend of mine hooked it up to his OBD reader and it came up with B2799 engine immobiliser system malfunction. I obviously cant drive the car and the nearest dealership to me is an hour away. I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem or could suggest something? Lexus 220D 2006
  5. Hi Everyone, I've been trawling through this site looking for a post that resembles the issue I'm experiencing with my Lexus but haven't been unable to find one...I'm hoping someone can help. My IS 220d seems to have developed a problem with starting up - I depress the clutch and the lights come one but the engine doesn't start up. I've noticed that the problem began when I had disconnected the battery for a couple of mins. The strange thing is, when I disconnect one of the battery terminals for a few seconds and then replace it and then start the engine, it will start fine. When I switch the engine off and leave the car and then come back to it, I get the same problem in that the lights come on but the engine won't start. I'm thinking could I have messed up the programming on my key fob somehow when the battery was disconnected??... As you can imagine, it's a pain having to disconnect the battery each time I go somewhere so would really appreciate some help.