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  1. I've just had a look at it and there are definently 'sum clews' as to the source of this. Both of the people who appear to be members keep 'dissin' it. Everyone ought to see it to realise how much work Steve, Mat and all the Mods put into this site. It is however extremely funny :D
  2. USA only. Apparently, it is too sensitive to the far smaller roads in this country, and the different 'driving' styles on our motorways (i.e 90mph or 50mph), and the systems on Jaguar and Mercedes in this country, are apparently not to everyone's taste. Not having tried one personally, it's hard to comment. There are a few other things that are available in the States which sound good, such as Voice Activated Sat Nav, Integrated phone option, Garage Door Closer and Lexus Concierge Service. Mind you they can keep Chrome Wheels
  3. No, someone at work mentioned it, but I don't know where he heard about it. To be honest I think it offers no competition, and is virtually unreadable. Red and Black is very gothic but hard on the eyes. I could guess who is behind it, given the look of it , but of course I could be wrong.
  4. Now that is weird. It now goes straight back here. I thought it was a competitor, but now it appears it's Steve with a penchant for red on black writing. Confused, what are you up to Steve??? Actually it now makes sense. There is some clever software afoot!!!
  5. Has anyone seen this? It doesn't look like many have judging by the amount of topics and replies. Any views? Lexus Lounge Link
  6. There are a number of changes, although most take a keen eye. I assume the T plate car you saw wasn't a later one with a 'private' number plate, eg T5 ARR, or something similar. Other differences of the top of my head are new front grille, new front headlight reflector colour, new exhaust pipe trims, curtain side airbags, brake assist, new instrument surround, E-Shift gearchange, gas filled dampers, etc although no panel changes. Hope this helps. The wiring from memory when someone else asked the same question was different so may cause a problem. Nothing is impossible, although make sure someone qualified does it so you don't have problems like permanently lit bulb failure when you have forked out your money. Best of luck
  7. I have a feeling the connector blocks are different as there are more bulbs. It certainly isn't a quick swap over job!
  8. Nankang are a budget priced tyre (read into it what you like) but I would recommend that you buy the best tyres as they are probably one of the most vital elements of the car.
  9. Couple of points, there are only 54 being produced in a special colour so 1 per dealer and a few for internal Lexus GB use. The car is exactly as per a IS200 Sport with Styling Kit, so it is purely the colour which differentiates it. Secondly the car is good value as there is no charge for either the special colour or indeed the styling kit. In other words the car is priced as per a normal Sport without Metallic Paint. Colour is a very personal thing but as each dealer will only have 1 car to sell, there are approx 50 for a population of roughly 60 million people.
  10. Maybe a press demonstrator or internal Lexus GB car, so there may be some S plates about, although I haven't physically seen one myself. Effectively if you are buying one they start on a "T"
  11. I thought that legally you can't have an illegal spare (as per road wheels) but that it is legal to have no spare!! Anyone in the police? who can answer this (mind you that may blow your cover) :P
  12. They need to be adjusted with the electronic test equipment which Lexus dealers have, although they are set to a level where they come on when the lighting conditions are poor rather than dark. Rather like street lights! The adjustment range isn't enormous, so your other option is to go back to manually turning them on and off.
  13. Good point Andy, but I suppose raising the car to say 50mm lowered and trying it would be the first thing to try. Also maybe the adjustment mechanism is the same as on other TTE products with bigger allowable drops, and you just have to go by their guidelines. By the way, when your speed increases do you drive out of it, so at say 75-80 it has gone. I also wonder if your soundproofing is making it less easier to trace, but hey we like a challenge!
  14. I wonder if then that means 35 mm lower than a SPORT or 50mm lower than a SPORT