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  1. Yeh Busted Dave , the car is a SKODA. I'm asking here as the stamp stated that it was a Lexus and Toyota specialist so thought you guys would know if anybody would. I take it you have a Skoda aswell as a lexus?
  2. Hopefully the car is legitimate. I would suggest however that the following points might be well worth checking out. 1/ Does the address on the V5 tally with St Andrews as claimed? YES 2/ Does the name match the sellers name? (brothers?)YES but could have just signed the same surname 3/ Can you not contact the person named on the V5? NOT SURE have the address thats all 4/ Is the V5 the new type red fronted V5? (they are replacing ALL V5's because of the theft of a load of blank V5's)IT IS NOW, The one at point of sale was the old type. 5/ Is it HPI clear? {checked by you not by the seller) YEs done a car check on it before buying 6/ Does the seller live where the car was? NO Car was in Clackmannen Owner in St Andrews 7/ Is VIN correct and also in the correct place? Seems to be 8/ Is there any sign that he is selling other cars? Trying search the same area and selling media (Gumtree/adtrader etc) If he is selling cars from a house posing as a private seller but is in fact a dealer Trading Standards would be interested I can assure you.
  3. Cheers shan just done that, very interesting reading.
  4. cHEERS DANDYDONS oops caps lock, checked that out and all MOT's seem correct on that front, last few years MOT's all Dundee. and seem not too bad eiter usual things like tyre wear, windscreen damage and the odd track rod end and thats it. I never new that service was available really interesting.
  5. cheers for response guys, much appreciated ;)
  6. Im going to get the car looked at this week for a pre MOT so see how that goes and then think i'll give him a phone and see what happens I cant loose anything by doing so eh?
  7. I wonder what to do next as he is claiming FSH albeit non franchised. surely misold but i do like the car and would have had affect on price I would have paid
  8. Hi djanderso, Yes I seen them when I done a google search, the problem is they are Burgoynes but my stamp says Bargoynes so either they made a spelling error on their stamp spanning 5 years or they are a different company or as suspected they don't exist. It Maybe that they have legitimately folded with the way things are but cant seem to find them anywhere. Apparently he lived in St Andrews
  9. Hi everyone Been looking through my service book and the last 5 stamps have been by a company called 'Bargoynes' service and maintenance, Toyota and Lexus Specialists. There is no telephone number or address. The seller seemed genuine (private sale) and was selling the car for his brother who has emigrated (hmmmm) anyhoo, he said that this was a local garage that his brother went to all the time in St Andrews where his brother lived ( car was in Alloa near Fife. Does anyone in scotland (or anywhere) know this garage as I cant seem to track it down and getting worried that all is not good?
  10. Hi to all Will be bending a lot of ears soon for advice on lexus and toyota. Especially anyone in sunny scotland.