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  1. Stew, I'll be doing the same as you in a couple of months time (pre facelift 450h) and will need both AUX and ipod interface to do the same as Tony's done (PURE DAB) and to connect my iPhone for music. I've researched the options and will be buying something like this and using youtube movie to guide me through the installation which actually looks quite easy.Here's the urls in case the hyperlinks don't work: http://www.incaripod.com/Vehicle/Lexus/DICE_Electronics_Lexus_iPod_Integration_Kit
  2. Yes, It uses the ACC radar to predict an unavoidable accident and pulls the seatbelts tight and also 'pre-charges' the brake servo to ensure maximum braking is available the moment you stamp in the brakes.
  3. Hi everyone, Weight loss going well, but still some way to go..... As you may know I'll be buying a 450h SE-L in the near future (when I've got down to 11st 11lbs). For my budget both pre and post face lift cars will be available. One 'must have' for me is the ACC system which was standard on 07MY but only an option on 08MY. I'd like to try to understand what other differences there were from 07 to 08 to help me decide if I should hold out for an 08 with the ACC option (fairly rare) or take my pick of plenty 07MY cars. I think these are the differences (SE-L grade):- ACC/PCS (and Sunroof) Standard <07, option >08 Styling changes to Grill, Front Fog Lamps and air intakes Smart Card Entry system not available <07, standard >08 iPod interface and Aux jack not available <07, Standard >08 Side Indicators moved from fender to mirror housing Rear electric sun blind standard <07, option >08 The above I've gleamed from auto trader adverts and brochures but what I cannot determine from these sources are functional changes. One thing I'm interested in is the power folding mirrors. I thought they only fold when the switch in the hidden pod is operated, but I have seen a GS advert on youtube that included a short clip showing the mirror folding out at the same time as the indicators flashing which leads me to believe that on some cars the folding is liked to the central locking (which is much more convenient). Was this change at the same time as the face lift or was it a later introduction? If anyone can add or correct my spec difference list, detail and functional changes or answer my mirror fold question please do. Maybe if the list could become a sticky....?
  4. Thanks Shades. I'm thinking it was standard on SE-L because the brochure I have (from Jan 07) shows it as standard on SE-L and option on SE and Sport. Whereas a brochure from 08 of the facelift model says it's an option across all grades (and linked to sunroof option). I'm aware of the switch on the wheel as being the tell-tale sign of the ACC but unfortunately many pictures on auto trader and Lexus dealer websites don't show a straight on photo of the steering wheel, and it's often just described as cruise control instead of adaptive cruise control, or the PCS isn't mentioned. What I find frustrating is the fact that even Lexus don't make it clear in their own adverts of approved used cars!
  5. Sorry Grizzly, just seen your question. Here's the link:- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/220925512859?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649#ht_500wt_1156 It's very comprehensive, gives far more detail regarding the hybrid drivetrain.
  6. Thanks Tony, that's exactly the detail I was after. It's a definite YES and as all pre-facelift SE-L grade had it as standard (according to a 2007 brochure I recently bought) then I'll be looking at a 57 plate car (unless I find an 08 with ACC and reasonable mileage in budget). Just need to lose weight now! Started at 92.9kg, now at 89.4kg after 15 days so only another 60 days to get to 75kg.....
  7. Will be buying a 450h in the nearish future (hope to pick up one that's been traded it when the new GS is launched). One thing on my must have list is the ACC system. I'm a great fan of cruise control, and use it most of the time, especially in 30s, 40s and 50s to make sure I don't speed. My question is how 'intelligent' is the ACC? for example:- If you're on the motorway, does the radar ever think a car you're overtaking is actually in front of you and applies the brakes or slows down? If you're following traffic on a normal road, does the radar ever 'lose' the car your following as you go through bends, causing the car to accelerate to the pre-set speed as it thinks the car has disappeared, only to suddenly brake when it 'sees' the car again on the next straight? Also, I've heard that the ACC only operates at speeds of 30mph or above is this true? If that's the case, what happens if you approach a 30 zone and reduce the set speed to 30 and then come up behind something going slower. Does that car slow itself, or do you have to brake or press cancel (like a standard cruise control system)? Hope someone out there is also a cruise fan and can answer my question. Cheers, Ian.
  8. If you have an aux input (post 08MY GS) then you can use a Pure Highway DAB unit and connect it via the aux socket. If you don't have aux then you're stuck with using the FM transmitter method. Also, if you're DAB reception is dodgy then you may need to upgrade the antenna from the stick-on one supplied with the Highway to an external amplified one.
  9. Thanks Grizzly, nothing specific, more for a general browse to understand and appreciate the available options and technology. I've just found (and bought) an 07 GS brochure in fleabay.
  10. Tape adapter LOL but you're right, that would work, and with probably decent quality. After-all wouldn't use the tape deck for anything else! I know the Pure Highway does the FM tuner thing, but I've never had much success with them in the past, and certainly not as good as a wired connection. Does anyone know where I could get either a hardcopy 07 GS brochure, or pdf version?
  11. Thanks Grizzly. Good info there, and thanks to TonyGoose for moving the thread to the GS forum. I've been thinking about the lack of aux on Pre facelift cars and realise that it's not a DAB show stopper. All I need to do is buy a Bluetooth transmitter, connect that to my Pure Highway and then pair it with the car Bluetooth, Simples! Only concern is whether I can still have my iPhone paired with the car at the same time. Does anyone know if it's possible to pair two devices simultaineously with the GS?
  12. I just realised I posted it in the LS forum Schoolboy error! Can I get this thread moved to the GS forum? Wendle, I've read through a lot of your posts on here, thanks for your reply.
  13. Hi all, First post here, and not (yet) an owner. I have a deal with Mrs Wife that if I lose 2 stone then I can replace my '07 Skoda Octavia vRS with something else (I do LOVE the vRS but would like more toys). I'm VERY interested in a GS 450h. Love the idea of a powerful hybrid, CVT gearbox and unbeatable reliability and luxury. I do have a few detailed (some would say anal) questions though to help me make up my mind. 1. Does the GS have lane change indicators. On my Skoda I just need to flick the indicator stalk and the car flashes the indicator 3 times, very handy on my motorway commute. Does the GS do this? 2. I love DAB radio and have a Pure Highway wired into my car using the AUX input socket on the Skoda. I am lead to believe that an AUX input is only available on post 2008MY GS, is this true? 3. If so, then I have to have a post post 2008MY car. Did the indicators move from the front fender to the mirrors in this same 08MY change (therefore I need to look for a car with the indicators in the mirror) 4. I definitely want ACC as I use the cruise control almost all the time on my Skoda and would appreciate the active mode. Is it a given that if the car has a sunroof then it will have ACC, or is this only true for SE-L models? I have also heard that the ACC was standard on pre 08MY 450h SE-Ls, is this true? Might have to choose between ACC and AUX input....... 5. I go to Germany a lot with work and travel many miles on de-restricted autobahns. On my Skoda there is no upper limit for setting the cruise control, however on another car I used to own (Nissan X-Trail) the cruise could not be set at speeds over 100mph. Can the cruise be set on the GS at any speed? 6. Real world fuel consumption. Can I expect a 40mpg average on a motorway with the cruise set at 70mph (my usual commute speed)? Sorry for all the questions. Any answers as well as weight loss ideas (apart from limb removal ) would be appreciated.