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  1. I would try a panel beater for a cost. It may be an easy fix once the splash guard is removed.
  2. Any high end car scan be a money pit as they get old. Sometimes it the luck of the draw. My 400's only needed servicing and a few other bits and pices where as the 430 a money pit.
  3. The 430 can burn through money very easy, l would go for the 600
  4. Why do you think the ls would be a step back compared to the Volvo
  5. It is the perfect daily driver, I average 25k/y in the four LS I've had.
  6. Is the car in Ireland, if so book value l believe is about 15-16 k. What Year.
  7. A good battery should hold its voltage at around 12.5-12.8 for months in my experience.
  8. I just don't understand people's main concern when buying a second hand car is repair bills. Any old car will have them, only way to avoid them is get a new car.
  9. All I can tell you I used 20/50 in my 400's, 5/30 in the 430 and 0/20 in the 600 without any problems, though I wonder if 0/20 is too thin for long distance driving.
  10. Turn off ignition and change as normal. The plug you are referring to is the hybrid battery. Do not unplug. You could jump start the car and recharge it as normal.
  11. Looks like the car may have been driven some distance with a soft tyre before it was noticed and could be pulled off the road. Imho.
  12. Owners maunal page 287. Lexus not designed for towing. I am not sure if they said the same about the 400. I got a tow bar made for the 400 and bought a tow bar from Lexus for the 430.
  13. I didn't find it great. Most people used to ask me if l was down a tunnel.
  14. It turns off the sensor inside the car so you can have the alarm on while seated in the car.
  15. It will not work. Program will not open properly and or keeps asking for a registration number then freezes the laptop.
  16. I took a chance and got a techstream on eBay, after it was recommend on this site. Security system on laptop went nuts with warnings not to proceed.
  17. I got a miniVCI from eBay. Useless, l would not recommend.
  18. Thank you for your reply Herbie, l do have a laptop so l will look into the miniVCI.