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  1. As Lexus’s long-established flagship saloon, the LS has a distinguished history of pushing the boundaries of design, bringing together modern technology with time-honoured Japanese crafts and aesthetics. These qualities figure strongly in the new LS 500h, where both the bodywork and interior benefit from new treatments and designs that embrace this fusion of art, takumi craftsmanship and functionality that Lexus has made its own. The development team took “Time in Design” as their guiding theme, inspired by a classical Japanese concept of beauty that changes from moment to mome
  2. Lots of topics on this forum relating to servicing, so we were wondering how you service your Lexus - Dealer, Local Garage or DIY ?
  3. Lexus has been producing cars for many years of various sizes, shapes and functions. But why are model names chosen when a new car is launched? This short guide explains why certain letters appear after some of Lexus’ most iconic vehicles Lexus CT CT stands for Creative Touring. Creative represents the daring debut of a full hybrid powertrain when diesels dominated. Touring dispels the myth that the batteries used to power the electric motor mean less room for passengers and luggage. Lexus UX The UX was Lexus’ first truly compact luxury crossover. The aim was to embod
  4. Gold Members receive a discount of 20% off officially licensed merchandise and many other products in the Richbrook store (with the exception of branded car mats and covers)
  5. Gold Members receive a discount of 20% off officially licensed merchandise and many other products in the Richbrook store (with the exception of branded car mats and covers) View full discount
  6. Could you please help us with our short poll What fuel type is your Lexus? And also, how old is your Lexus?
  7. Lexus has released a new media video to introduce the key changes and improvements to the new LS 500h, the brand’s flagship saloon. The new model is introduced by Marianne Merkt from the Lexus Europe product marketing team in a walk-around presentation. The new LS 500h will go on sale in the UK in early 2021.
  8. The onset of winter brings the familiar driving hazards of slippery roads from rain, ice and snow, conditions that can easily catch out the unprepared. Lexus SUV drivers can have the peace of mind of knowing their vehicle is equipped to automatically provide extra grip when the going gets tough E-Four is Lexus’s advanced all-wheel drive system, designed specifically to operate with its self-charging hybrid electric powertrains. Compact and lightweight, it avoids the drawbacks in weight, packaging, emissions and fuel consumption that are common with conventional, mechanical systems.
  9. Last year, as part of its new global electrification strategy, Lexus debuted the futuristic LF-30 concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show, which presented visionary design and imaginative technologies. This new strategy, Lexus Electrified, targets a fundamental leap in vehicle performance, handling, control and driver enjoyment Today, Lexus reveals a core Lexus Electrified technology supporting this vision: DIRECT4, a new electric drive control system designed for its next generation of battery electric and hybrid electric vehicles. DIRECT4 precisely controls the delivery of drive torque
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