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  1. Pete Shawn

    Aftermarket Head Unit Help

    sorry forgot to mention this :- connect the blue wire from the stereo to the antenna (circle red)
  2. Pete Shawn

    Aftermarket Head Unit Help

    Just cut one separate it from the other yellow wire and connect it to the red one. do run test without fully install the stereo.(save you the hassle removing if things not right) turn ignition ON and see if the stereo power up, pre-set a radio channel and turn ignition OFF turn ignition ON again and check if the radio setting still there If it's station need setting again then you need to swap both yellow wire pin in their place. both yellow wire supplying power - just checking which is constant feed re-test again on the station pre-set (if setting still there means you got the right connection) some final tidy up on the cable, install new stereo unit and you good to go :D
  3. Pete Shawn

    Aftermarket Head Unit Help

    manage to find a very old picture i took as you can see there's two yellow wire ( circle in red) need to be cut and separate ( one for power and one for the stereo memory which the power constant feed) both battery and AC connected together (that's the reason ended a flat battery next day and the clock constant lit) **** i do not hold any responsible for any damage to your car **** i've search everywhere without result until i take the risk and tested it myself (zero knowledge) Finally sorted my own issue without any problem. if you not sure what u doing. best is to go visit a car stereo technician (proper technician) to fix the issue for you good luck and all the best :zee:
  4. Pete Shawn

    Aftermarket Head Unit Help

    i believe the by pass cable you have need to be re-wire. if you post up picture of the hardness by pass cable that u have, maybe someone will come up a better answer .
  5. Pete Shawn

    Merry Christmas

    Hi Just drop by to wish everyone Lexus owner here a Merry Happy Christmas All the Best :hohoho:
  6. Pete Shawn

    New Member Says Hello

    no :P , Just give you a warm welcome cause everyone's here great and helpful you could post few picture what your new ride looks like... again welcome
  7. Pete Shawn

    New Member Says Hello

    Willkommen in LOC Patrick :zee:
  8. not understand what you trying to ask???? did you bought the right bypass cable for your aftermarket as there's two type:- PC2-93-4 (without stock amp) PC2-92-4 (with stock amp)
  9. don't be embarrassed on what you or we listening to Ray.... is our Lexus...great car..great music... best of all is you enjoy being in your own space having a good enjoyable ride
  10. Pete Shawn

    Battery Dead?

    i had a new battery before xmas arrived last year was still the origin battery before the change. great set up you got there Matt hope the neighbor cat stay away not mess about do you need to top up the ion water before/after the battery charged? electric fork lift at work low on power need top-up with water before/after battery charged and always sound like kettle boiling water
  11. i'm pretty much grew up in grunge age Cobain and back to yardbirds ,hendrix and so on of their amazing music style. still today my radio preset on planetrock station (kerrang) just move to electronics sound to test out the stereo system... not really a big fans.... ironically totaled my first car while listening Rammstein few years back :P
  12. Pete Shawn

    Battery Dead?

    could have a garage replacement if it has a 3 year warranty read on others forum say it could be few reason -: alternator -: earth ground cable -: battery not recharging most reply are they just replace the battery :P do let us know how the car getting on and hope it's nothing serious Matt