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  1. Do you have the contact number for the Lexus mechanic from the Woodford area, would you recommend him to work on my Lexus LS430..

    many thanks


  2. Had a Bad Day

    I was wet and cold having watched my son's football practice when my car decided to have a melt down on the way home. All the warning lights came on and then told to switch the engine off. My car is not a Lexus (and I hear some of you say, if you had a Lexus it would be more reliable). I called my wife (who drives the IS200) to collect our son while I waited for the recovery service. On her way to me in the IS, the engine light comes on, then the trc off starts flashing on and off and then the handbrake sign comes on. She wasn't too far from me when all this happened. When she was ready to go, the car would not start it would not even tick over. The recovery service put a battery pack on the car and it did not start. The day ended with both our cars leaving on the back of flat bed trailers. The staff at the King William IV (Pub and Diner on Chigwell High Rd) where I limped the car to were brilliant. That was the closet place off the main road I could stop. They brought out a pizza and drink for my son as they thought he might be hungry as it was lunchtime. I was completely taken back by their kind gesture and goodwill. I really did not expect that and that was the only silver lining to a wet day. What do these warning lights mean? I've looked in the owners manual but it really doesn't mean anything to me. We also had no indication anything was wrong there were no warning lights yesterday when I drove the car or prior to that. Engine light coming on? Trc off keeps flashing on and off? Handbrake light not going off? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. My Much Loved Is200 Is Dead

    Hi Easye1, Sorry to hear about your Lexus. I know how you feel. I was on holiday when a hungry kid whose parents were on holiday decided to take his mums Mercedes to get him and a friend some dinner. He'd only had 10 lessons and was too scared to turn right into his on road and decided to turn left. He mounted the pavement and hit my beloved 7 series which I've owned for 15 years. He hit the car all down the driver side from the rear. If you look at the car from the passenger side or from the front you would not know it had been hit. It was a pain to get sorted but I was lucky as I dealt directly with their insurance company. The insurance company was under no obligation to do anything as technically he had stolen his parents car and was not an insured driver. The car is now sorn and on my drive. I bought a Mercedes E240 as it was cheap, but its proving not be cheap given how much it has drained from me financially. I'm just hoping that the one thing left to do will be putting life back into the car for more years to run. On the downside some numpty in an Audi Q7 on Christmas Eve while reversing out of his parking bay bumped the Lexus. It's nothing big and to most not noticeable, but I know its there. My advice would be if you can deal directly with the other parties insurance company (if they are insured) this brings a quicker result, especially if you mention you are considering using an accident management company and not your own insurance company to provide a courtesy car and repair. Most insurance companies want to settle things quickly as this keeps costs down.
  4. Modified Lexus Is200

    The Audi Quattro and Lancia Delta Integrale had interesting flared arches. Don't see cars with that type of flared arches around often.
  5. Mpg Fiction Is 300

    I agree about the M Sport suspension. I had a 330i Sport as a loan car absolute blast for the first part of the day and then a pain in the back for the rest. It was so fidgety on roads that weren't smooth. From what I've driven so far, BMW's of today except for 3 series don't feel as good as the old ones. You were connected to the road and handled as though they were on rails, you could feel the grip through the seat of your pants. My favourite is still the E32 735i which was the first big BMW I drove. I could not believe how agile this was for its size. It felt more nimble than the 3 series. Having read all the comments, I will try and get hold of an IS300 for longer.
  6. Mpg Fiction Is 300

    I have friends and family in the motor trade so I am fortunate enough to be able to get access to a wide range of cars through them. You're right I am probably using their words and not my own, By heavier I meant it felt heavier as a car but that maybe due to my preconceived notion that it is heavier due to the additional weight of the batteries. If they do introduce a smaller 2 litre petrol that would work for me. As mentioned already I've not spent as much time with the IS300h as I have with the IS250 Sport and that is what I was commenting on. I need to get used to driving a silent car as I don't listen to the stereo when I'm driving. I like listening to the car. I love the look of the Sport, but I like comfort and found it abit uncomfortable after a while. It has stiffer setup but is very agile and planted compared to previous IS models and the only other thing being the multi media system with the mouse control. I'm a simpleton and like things simple. However like BMW's idrive I know Lexus will refine this and make it better and easier to use. I like the IS but I think it has more potential. I found the CT just too hard a ride almost bone shaky.Fine on a smooth road but how many roads are like that? It was strange getting used to how quite it was, which I think took something of the driving pleasure away for me. I was dropping the car off to a dealership for a friend in Manchester and picking up a BMW 325i Sport which had been taken in p/x. Chalk and cheese day and had back ache when I got home.
  7. Mpg Fiction Is 300

    Rayaan, thanks for the update re 200t, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on that when that arrives. I may finally have found my replacement car. Ed, not getting in a debate with you mate re whether my comments are informed or not. I would have thought from my last post that it is clear that I will not write something I have not driven. The CT doesn't tick any boxes for me. When it was launched it rode to hard, it was supposed to be a sportier hatch based very much on the underpinnings of the Prius. The facelift version had the suspension reworked to address some of the ride quality. As mentioned above my preference is comfort interms of ride. No one especially me is questioning the reliability of Toyota, as someone who has grown up with most variants which my father and other members of the family have owned.
  8. Mpg Fiction Is 300

    No worries. i appreciate my comment re the CVT comes across as ignorant, but I was not fully aware of the complexity of the hybrid system. However I would have thought Lexus would have found a way round that. As already memtioned I'm a big fan of Lexus. My wife's car is a first gen IS which I love and will probably never get rid of. I love the second gen IS, it looks stunning and is beautifully made and a significant step up from the 1st gen. I really like the 3rd gen IS, but only with the sport grille. I didn't feel that the interior was quite as much a step up as it was from the 1st gen to the 2nd gen IS. Not a big fan of the heater control the slide my finger on. It would annoy me over time, (which it did after a week). It is signifcant step up from the 2nd gen IS interms of handling dynamics, it feels more surefooted through corners and I wasn't afraid to put my foot done round large bends (A1 onto M62 heading towards Manchester speed limit 50 mph I could easily have done 70mph in the Lexus). The only issue, I like comfort so I find any car in Sport spec tiring after a while regardless of how good the dampening is. As a package you cannot beat Lexus for quality and specification, even though the new C Class is a game changer in terms of interior quality fit and finish, engines are poor on this car, really did not like the diesel. I'm also a petrol driver as my overall personal mileage is not high and really thought the IS250 could do with the extra gear's especially on the motorway which would improve economy. They have an 8 speed on the IS350. I need more time with the IS300h I just found the gear change a but synthetic as it blips to sound like a gear change and it felt heavier to me. However these are trival things. As mentioned by Gang, hybrids will become more a thing of the future and Lexus /Toyota are leading the way and fingers crossed get better. Lexus are bringing or have brought a 4 cylinder 2 litre twin turbo engine to the NX, I hope they offer this to the IS and bring in an IS200h that would be interesting and open the range to more people.
  9. Mpg Fiction Is 300

    Gang, appreciate your feedback and comments especially re the CVT and your experience of owning a BMW 335i and the Lexus. I don't think the 8 speed auto is available in the UK. I know it is available on the IS350. Ed, no need to make this personal. You don't know me from a bar of soap. If you've read what I had written my opinion is not based on just reading but also on driving the cars and not just test drives. I am fortunate enough to be able to experience and drive many cars and be able to compare them as I have a geniune passion for cars and form my own opinion.
  10. Mpg Fiction Is 300

    Edward, in my humble opinion, the Lexus range is not as good as the very first car built by Lexus the LS400. This was the benchmark in engineering, refinement, luxury and quality. This was the car that every other manufacturer was being benchmarked against. If you take the current range, the CT is a glorified Prius. The IS could have been so much more but isn't. Lexus only offer the car as 2.5 or hybrid. The 2.5 has a 6 speed auto when the rest of the high end manufacturers are using 8 speed autos and developing 9 and 10 speed autos for greater efficiency and economy. The hybrid has a CVT, why?. The CVT is for Nissan micra's. The second gen IS was a much better looking and better built car than BMW, Mercedes and Audi, but was let down by a lack of engines to broaden its appeal and gearbox a CVT. The current IS will face greater competition from Jaguars new XE. I'm a big fan of Lexus and hope they start leading the market as they did when they introduced the LS400. Today I think they make cars as a knee jerk reaction following the competition who have upped their game significantly, where Lexus once led. I read a broad range of motoring magazines to form my opinion and drive the cars myself to see for my self if I agree with them. I just think Lexus could be so much better if they applied the same principles, beliefs and vision as they did with the first LS. That's all I meant.
  11. Mpg Fiction Is 300

    Best place to look is What Car magazine. They have actual figures. Which surprisingly said that the IS300h was closer to its publsihed figures compared to most cars. However as one of their long term fleet cars, they weren't sad to see it go. Which says a lot about the current range of Lexus cars.
  12. Snow Button Is200

    The snow button works for me, because the rev's are kept low the engine is not working as hard therefore there is an improvement in economy, especially if you are just driving locally and around upto 40mph. Over 40mph no point using snow.
  13. Factory Is300 Wheels

    Afraid only Gold members are entitled to offer items for sale Ashar
  14. A Question About Performance Tyres? Ask The Michelin Expert!

    Jamie, when should you fit winter tyres? I've been driving for over 20 years and never considered or knew anything about winter tyres and am now worried about this as I now have a family. Ashar
  15. Comparing Is 200 To Another Car

    Tony, I was referring to the pre 2003 cars which were not made of aluminium. It was the third generation XJ (known as the X350) when Jaguar started making the cars with an aluminium body due to lightness and rigidity. What year is your car? I really like the facelift version of the XJ from 2007. I have mixed feelings on the current car. Still love the look of my IS. Can't think of a car of the same age that can better it.