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  1. Here we are, nearly 6 years down the line from my original post and the dealers still don't know about this simple modification and are willing to lie to customers about it. My guess is that most of them do know about it but Lexus do not officially support or acknowledge this type of modification and the dealers are just towing the official party line. Gives one a great insight into the workings of car marketing doesn't it?
  2. Nothing nice except the same fuel consumption and a cheaper price.As far as nicer place to be, I'm not so sure.. the Koreans are getting better all the time.The Toyota Auris is an equally nice place to be at a better price.Look around, you are comparing what is fast approaching a 10 year old concept against modern alternatives.
  3. To the question should I get a CT? I would answer NO. The CT, as has been pointed out in other posts , is getting long in the tooth. It is still essentially the same as when it was introduced. Competition have caught and passed it. I understand that the Prius is too big but there are alternatives such as the equally long in the tooth Auris ( which the CT is based on) or there's the Korean offerings which are more up to date and cheaper to buy. About the only advantage to a CT which remains is some value for money kudos. "I drive a Lexus actually" if that's what is important to you.
  4. Interesting course of events. I do recall sombody on one of these forums being skeptical of my carrying my own booster battery. Your case proves my point. I am the driver of the car, I am the reader of the handbook and so it follows that I know how to jump start it. Calling out someone to a stricken car always involves an unwelcome wait and even when they arrive, how can you be sure they know what they are doing? Its no use rubbing them up the wrong way by overtly asking them whether they know what they're doing so how's that make you stand? You have to observe as a potential amateur aimlessly tinkers with your car with the potential to make things worse. I did hear that carrying out a jump start with the donor vehicles engine running can foul everything up even if the correct polarity is observed.. There's always the reverse polarity trap to fall into too! To compound the issue it does look like Leicester Lexus are acting like a bunch of fitters. There are very few properly trained vehicle technicians or engineers these days and this is largely because of market forces coupled with owners who cant be bothered to read their instruction manuals. The latter encourages many more vehicles to go to the "menders" with easily solved issues. ..... leading to the "menders" employing lower paid people. Someone has already said that the first sign of dealer danger was trying to fit a new battery to sort out the problem when all a jumper battery has to do is to start the computer. I was actually wondering whether there is a problem with the traction battery because if the traction battery is flat, nothing will happen and that is exactly the symptom you describe. Traction batteries will always fail for a reason and those reasons can vary from mechanical damage to charging interface failure. If so, just replacing a traction battery wont fix anything, they will have to find out why the traction battery has failed and fix whatever made it fail.Normally, traction batteries don't just fail on their own.
  5. The last time I changed cars , I did a double take. I realised that I only really used the car for about 2000miles a year for myself and about 12000 miles a year for going to work.. a good less than half of the mileage I used to do. Instead of the thrill of buying a new car, I settled for buying a low mileage sports car which will become totally obsolete in a few years since things like that will use too much petrol to be considered socially acceptable. I still have the change in the bank ready for buying a "grown ups" car again.Hopefully by that time, the law makers will have decided what they want us to do. IE driverless, petrol-less, diesel-less etcetc.
  6. Whilst this con just isn't nice, it does spark the imagination as to what fiendishly clever and legal ploy a Sherlock Holmes type genius could dream up to give these tricksters a totally fruitless run a few times round the block before finally kicking them into the long grass spent, exhausted and frustrated .... deaf aid and all!
  7. The prius may be a little lighter , however, the major different is drag coefficient. Latest prius is .24CD and latest CT is .28 CD
  8. Sadly, the motor trade has been doing this sort of thing for many years. ( using the cheapest available fluids and charging for premium) Softening tyre pressure slightly in order to improve the smoothness of the ride and reduce road noise. It is perhaps fortunate for us that it is now far more fashionable to buy cars for their efficiency appeal. So as soon as fuel consumption gets worse, we are looking for causes. Causes may be the wrong grade of oil , lower tyre pressures, or more mechanical faults such as lack of compression due to worn valve seats or piston rings, faulty charge air temp sensor, binding brakes, worn wheel bearings ... the list is almost endless however.... sadly when the car returns from service using more gallons of fuel per mile than before it went for service, it does point the problem back to the servicer with there being an outside chance that a fault may suddenly have developed during the service work. In the case of Lexus and Toyota cars though, the probability of the sudden true fault developing is minimal due to their reliability record.
  9. The only thing which is missing from CT200 cars without cruise contol is the cruise control switch. All of the software, the throttle servo, the wiring loom is already there. Its simply not worth Lexus time to fit and entirely different set of kit to a car which doesnt have cruise control.. Reactive cruise control isn't the same situation. I the case of reactive cruise control retro fitting, you need more stuff and I think that the earlier cars also don't have the necessary wiring loom/ software for the reactive system.
  10. I think that your only option is compromise. If you have to have 17" wheels because you like them , then you are stuck with a harsh ride. If you really must have a softer ride, then fit 15"s.There is however another alternative which is to sell the car and buy something else with low profile tyres and softer ride quality. Whichever way you turn, you have a compromise on your hands. As somebody mentioned earlier in the thread, fitting softer dampers originally intended for the strengthened chassis may also compromise.
  11. There's a school of thought which goes along the path of there being a defined amount of work to be done and an expected time to do it in. Cheaper prices mean either the person carrying out the work is paid less, the premises overheads are lower, or some of the work isn't getting done.IE pay less, get less. I prefer to pay the minimum amount it takes to get a stamp in the service book and continue with completing the service work myself to to make sure that everything gets done ; since I am all too aware of the things which happen when bosses and share holders start making noises about "efficiency savings" (only doing half the job) and "streamlining" ( getting rid of some of the lower paid workers) whilst "maintaining standards" ( providing showroom comfy customer sofas and free coffees and biscuits ) and "putting the customer first" ( since it is the customers who the company must concentrate on fleecing) "improving quality assurance and governance" ( getting easily replaceable people to tick and sign boxes to say they have completed works--- even if they haven't been given the time and resources to do so). "Pay less , get less" is a good rule of thumb but one which has to be combined with common sense and savvy.
  12. I think that one of the things which I would like to see an improvement on the current CT 200 is the drag coefficient.. Considering that , like the prius , the CT200 was designed to be a high efficiency hybrid, and nothing else, its drag coefficient is almost as bad as a conventional engined body shell. The hybrid engine will burn less fuel than a conventional engine and therefore needs less engine cooling ( which is a major contributor to drag), The CT is also fitted with wide wheels which is another contributor to drag. Narrow tyres, improved under floor aerodynamics, more aerodynamic wing mirrors coupled with a bodyshell which isnt so tied to the Auris way of thinking might go a long way. The new mercedes A class has a market leading drag coefficient and yet it still looks the business. Lexus needs to up its game quite a bit if it chooses to promote its green credentials.
  13. Dealers like to "run out" of the toyota/lexus recommended 0/20 grade and use an alternate recommended ( and cheaper ) grade instead which is very noticeable on fuel consumption but gives the dealer a larger profit margin whilst they can still claim that they are using "manufacturers recommended oil." If you are doing the job yourself, Use 0/20 grade, it is what the engine was designed to use. As regards manufacturer, I have never used anything except Toyota oil which I bought in a sealed container from ebay. I couldn't comment as to the suitability of any other brand of oil because I didnt try any and am not knowledgeable enough in the ways and characteristics of oil to be able to know whether this manufacturer or that manufacturer is indeed as good as they claim to be. There's wisdom in the phrase "there is only one BEST"
  14. Beware the shark sales rep who tells you that they all do that except for the latest models which Lexus have managed to fix!
  15. Even more funny, thanks...I like the bold print by the way, it makes what you're typing seem more important doesn't it? Insurers like people who don't follow the manufacturers instructions, they can and have used it to weasel their way out of all sorts of tight spots.