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  1. Hi guys, who ever mentioned dashboard removal (not me!) I stated the entertainment system - which HBS told me. If you know these cars, there is an entertainment system (radio, DVD etc) for the rear passengers operated by a central consol....HBS were talking about this, which obviously makes sense. Thanks for all your replies, I'm hoping the fact that nobody has provided a cost figure for the Hybrid battery replacement means that nobody has had one done.
  2. Hello, I know this has been covered before but I've never really found a definitive answer to go buy... Anyway, has anyone ever had their LS600h hybrid battery replaced at a dealer, and if so, what was the total cost? I enquired at Hybrid Battery Solutions re repairs but was advised to get a quote from Lexus in the first instance. Although helpful, I assumed that HBS had never repaired one because they were going through what they thought had to be done and it was extremely involved (a/c removal, entertainment system removal). Anyone thinking this is going to be like a Prius battery repair is in for a big shock! Any help much appreciated as I'm now in the market for one these of these cars...
  3. Hi guys, thanks for the help and advice but I have to admit I've been a bit of a plonker Rodney! It was the bloody steering wheel lock! - I must have knocked the steering wheel when getting out and accidentally locked the steering. Of course that put some resistance on the ignition barrel when I tried to turn the knob. I also did a search on You tube, went back to the car afterwards, moved the steering wheel slightly and the ignition knob turned like new, what a ******!
  4. Hi I have recently purchased a 2001 LS430 but noticed from the start hat the keyless ignition barrel was notchy when turning it on i.e. not a smooth action like there may be some wear in there or it needs lubricating. It jammed on me once and wouldn't turn at all despite a fair bit of twiddling but when I came back to the car ten minutes later it went luckily. It has now happened today and the barrel won't budge at all, it will push in and the steering wheel moves into position, but it will not turn clockwise to turn the ignition on / start the car. I've removed the small black plastic collar and squirted in a load of Silicone lubricant, but to no avail...If anyone that has experienced the same problem, that appears to be mechanical, your help / advice would be much appreciated as I'm now on the scooter because the most reliable car of it's generation won't even turn on....!
  5. I think the motorway miles argument is very relevant, I did try and get an AA vehicle inspection quote, but apparently they don't do hybrids....or limos!
  6. Hi, I'm considering buying a LS600hL. Most of the ones I've been looking at have done 130-140K. Just wondered whether anyone here has owned one with this mileage from new, and whether it drives any different? I was most concerned with how the the air suspension copes with age / mileage? The other thing was the hybrid battery, but there are numerous stories of taxi Prius hybrids with 300K on the original...Thanks.
  7. Hi, anyone know what the auto tranny oil capacity is - it says 2.0L to drain and fill in the manual, but have read several blogs stating it is 8.5L to fill from empty - bit of a difference! I'm going to flush out all of the the fluid by disconnecting the inlet cooler pipe at the base of the radiator and pump and then refill 1L at a time until it runs red. Pretty sure I need loads more than 2L, but 8.5L seems a bit high even taking into account the oil in the torque converter and pipes etc. Cheers.
  8. Hi, have a LS400 MK4 with 106K on it. Not sure when tranny oil was last changed so am going to do it. Just wondered whether the metal filter also needed changing, which obviously makes the job a lot bigger as the pan has to come off. I was told that the filters have a 100K - 150K life span? Are there any links that give a demo for this job on the web? Any advice most welcome. Cheers.
  9. Hi, anyone have a sat nav CD 3.7 or latest version for a LS400 MKIV 1998 they would be willing to sell? Many thanks.
  10. OK, thank you, new to the site so how would I go about contacting him? Cheers.
  11. Hi everyone, Have just purchased a LS400 MKIV and it has the next-to-useless sat nav CD 2.1. Anyone out there have the latest version (3.7?) they might be willing to part with? I suppose the only other alternative is to try the local dealer (expensive!) or eBay. In any event, does anyone know what the part no. for this CD is? Many thanks.
  12. Welcome to the Lexus forums Squasher :)