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  1. tim hunter

    LS430 stuck in 3rd gear

    Well, it turned out I didn't need the new sensor - it was the cast ally link that had broken, probably due to the ball joint seizing up at the end. To get me back on the road I drilled, pinned and epoxied it back together and all is working again. Just been out for a few miles cruising and can report 6 silky gears and a lovely floaty back end. Hope this continues over the coming miles! Tim
  2. tim hunter

    LS430 stuck in 3rd gear

    Hello again - well the good news is that it is all back in one piece and appears to work. This is the 6-speed, and the procedure I posted was followed. I had bought 4L of the T-IV - and when I did a check search for WS, the lists I saw show it as the same stuff. Anyway, most of it was consumed by the filling process so maybe the level was a bit low beforehand. All the solenoids were tested and clicked away merrily. The bad news is that whilst under the car I spotted one of the rear arms was rather bent - no idea how or when. Whilst fixing that the rear level sensor on that side disintegrated and its sitting a bit low now! I have a replacement coming from Paul Frost so hope that does the trick. Drove the car for 5 miles anyway, and the gears worked as they should, so when I get the suspension sorted I will know more.
  3. tim hunter

    LS430 stuck in 3rd gear

    I have attached the actual filling instructions, from the Lexus manual. There are dozens of posts on the web (mostly US Lexus sites) that discuss how/when/if the oil should be drained/flushed or whatever. My take on it all is that there are wildly varying opinions, mostly based on here say, concerning the best strategy to employ. My simple view (based solely on 40 years experience as a professional engineer and amateur car tinkerer) is that dirty oil with bits in is a very bad thing. How often you drain and fill or go to the effort of pumping it out and refilling till it is pink again - is pretty much up to you it seems. Not got the thing back in one piece yet, but will report back when it gets done. Tim AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID.pdf
  4. tim hunter

    LS430 stuck in 3rd gear

    A small update. The oil pan is off and the good news is that all solenoids test at 14 ohm, so that's encouraging. Oil is pretty black but not much obvious bits of metal in there... Lexus want £85+VAT for new oil strainer, so old one currently soaking in the parts washer! Just sourcing 4 litre of Toyota ATF Type T IV and then put it back together. A couple of pics attached for amusement.
  5. tim hunter

    LS430 stuck in 3rd gear

    I plugged in my code reader this evening, and as suspected I have : "P0751: Shift Solenoid "A" Performance or Stuck Off" .. so its time to drop the pan and take a look. It is quite annoying that the code reports "A", but the workshop manual labels them 1,2,3,4 etc.. It appears a multi-meter would show 14 ohm for a good one and open-circuit on the bad one. I hope its that simple and it can be coaxed back to life. They look pretty expensive and shipped from Japan or USA if I need a replacement. Regards Tim
  6. tim hunter

    LS430 stuck in 3rd gear

    I have an 03 LS430 with 153k on the clock. Driving home tonight it has decided it will no longer shift past 3 gear. The first 3 work perfectly, it just wont go any further - so 50mph is 3000 rpm. A bit of googling found an old Youtube video of someone with the same issue, but no resolution or follow up. Anybody here had this particular problem please? Tim
  7. tim hunter

    LS400 misfire and OBD reader problem

    Thanks for the reply. It is odd that this reader has worked okay in this car previously - and still works fine in other cars. The plugs are only a couple of years old - and on the couple of occasions I have inspected them over the years I have always found one or two to be pretty loose. I will probably have to diagnose the old fashioned way by pulling all the plugs and having a good look..
  8. Hello my lovely 99 LS400 has developed a really bad misfire - it came on over a thousand miles or so and now feels like its running on 7 (or less!) cylinders. I suspect a coil pack, and plugged in my OBD reader to look for codes. This is a blue tooth reader that connects to a phone, and has worked fine on this care in the past. Now the phone can see the reader, but cannot the Torque app on the phone will not connect and read the ECU. Most frustrating. I tried 3 other code readers ( including a Snap-On pro device) and none will read the ECU. Anyone every had a similar effect? Tim
  9. tim hunter

    Ls400 New Front Struts Bargain

    UCA's came from ebay seller DASLtd http://stores.ebay.co.uk/dasltd?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 Struts from buyautoparts http://stores.ebay.co.uk/buyautoparts/ ...by the way I have no connection with any of the above vendors, and your results may vary of course!
  10. tim hunter

    Ls400 New Front Struts Bargain

    Colin - good to hear from you. Very glad you continue to be pleased with my old Mk3 - it was a great car! Malc - I know there is endless discussion about the upper wishbones. All I can say is that I replaced both the ones on this car for £75 over 20k miles ago and they are still as good as new. They are so simple to fit I don't really mind if they fail after that sort of mileage.. I also did the lower ball joints at the same time, and they are just fine too.
  11. Hello I went out to my 160k '98 LS400 recently after it had been stood for a few days and the nearside front was down in the weeds, not good. The front spring had decided to break at the bottom near where it sits on the strut, and the rest of the spring had now gone right down to the bottom of the leg. Using OEM Lexus parts is out of the question, having seen the ridiculous prices, so I started shopping around for a pair of springs and shocks. The least expensive I could find for a set of KYB - which I have used on other cars without problem - were coming in at £220 plus delivery. Casting the net wider I looked in California. It is common in the USA for entire struts to be supplied, pre-assembled. So, not only do you not have to mess around with springs compressors, transferring bits and pieces, but you get a new top mount, bottom bush, dust boots etc... No idea why the UK market has not woken up to this idea yet. Anyway I ordered them, and six days later they were sitting in my kitchen - £210 for the pair including air freight and customs charges. Fitting them was a doddle, less than two hours to do both sides working on the driveway. It still drives exactly like a Lexus should, so I am very pleased. I will be ordering a rear set next week - may as well do all four at these prices! Regards Tim
  12. Good morning, I have a 2003 LS430 with Mark Levinson sound system and really, really want an aux port to play music from my devices. After a lot of googling around I think one of these kits will do the trick: http://incartec.co.uk/Pages/Product.aspx?P=3491 Model 26-264 or http://incartec.co.uk/Pages/Product.aspx?P=3495 Model 26-257-USB The only difference seems to centre on whether the CD changer has a 12 pin connector arranged in a 5-7 pattern or a 6-6 pattern. I can remove the head unit if necessary, but can anyone here confirm which it is to save me pulling it out twice? Help would be appreciated. Regards Tim
  13. Welcome to the Lexus forums tim hunter :)