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  1. Yes, all that really does help. Thanks a lot BTW, in case you don't know about it, I came across a way to put the key fob to sleep which is great for saving its battery and also makes it impossible to steal the code using a transponder. You press and hold down the Lock button. Then press the Unlock button twice. Then wait for the red light to flash 4 times and then release finger on the Lock button. Very useful - why have it sending out signals continuously when you are away or even overnight. Pressing any button automatically brings it out of sleep mode.
  2. Hello again Herbs. I am now seriously considering getting the Grom V-Line for my RX450h 2018 Premier which will be their LEX8 variant. As you have such a lot of experience with it, I hope you can tell me about the following which I am not sure about, even after reading their whole installation and instruction manual. 1. I will have it in the Glove Box for sake of easier install. But I don't want the GPS antenna in with it as it might be damaged from the other stuff that usually fills up my glove box. Do you think it would be ok putting the antenna somewhere out of view nearby. I don't want it stuck to the top of the dashboard as Grom recommend for obvious cosmetic reasons. 2. Which dongle are you using and does it connect to any USB port in the car? There does not seem to be a port for it in the V-line itself ? 3. Is it necessary to have an unlimited data sim if using WAZE or Google Maps a lot ? Many thanks ! David.
  3. You are lucky. On my limo you could hover till rigor mortis sets in. Even reset the sensitivity to high ( using Clarista ). But to no avail. Thanks for info.
  4. Same here! Thanks. At least I know it isn’t malfunctioning. I will also now give up on it. Only thing that doesn’t work properly… so far.
  5. 2018 RX450h Premier. Boot Sensor on top of the Lexus Badge only works when doors are unlocked which defeats the reason for having it. When doors are locked, only way to open boot is with the fob or by pressing in the open catch under the boot lid. Sensor works when doors are unlocked. Does anybody know if this is normal operation ?
  6. It has taken some time to get my head around the “Normal / Customisation instructions in the Manual and on the car itself. Now I understand there are 4 settings : eco, normal, s and s+ with the opportunity to set a 5th Customisation setting. The Normal setting has no display which is confusing but there you are. Perhaps that is normal to the Japanese mind. Anyhow, I have set Customisation ( the 5th option ) as: Power Train to Power and Chassis to Sport. And that works as it should when the button is pushed in. My question is : is this just a duplication of the S+ mode or in what ways does it differ. I can discern no significant difference whilst driving in both S+ and My Custom modes. Also, Is it correct that the speed on this car is limited to 160kph or does that only apply to the USA market ? If it is limited, why so ? Many thanks !
  7. Will that miniVCI cable with Techstream work with Windows 10 - it is the oldest Windows laptop I have ? ( Only use it for one app that doesn't work on my Mac. ) Have a Carista OBD but their subscriptions are expensive and I suspect the Techstream will do much more. If I come to Preston, I hope we can meet up for a meal and a chat. I drove through there once on the way to Scotland. Was in a wonderful Camry. Many moons ago.
  8. Yes, I know. But Lexus Service by Lexus Main Dealers is awful, in my experience with two such Main Dealers. Verging on the criminal !
  9. Thanks Herbs, I will follow your advice! BTW where do you get your RX450h serviced? I have yet to find a trustworthy Main Dealer. Used to have a good man service my 2010 RX450h but he never had access to the Lexus diagnostics.
  10. Now I know that remapping ( or reclocking as it is also called ) has major benefits on petrol and diesel cars. And especially turbo variants. But what about my Hybrid ? I understand it will give a 15 bhp increase which is not really the incentive because it is powerful enough as it is especially in S or S+. But will it increases mpg ? My long time average in a previous 2010 never got above 35mpg and the 4 year history with previous owner on this car is worse than that. Will Lexus be able to see it has been remapped on their diagnostics and change it back ? And will it invalidate their annual warranty ? Many thanks !
  11. 450H 2018 Premier. Well, after a couple of weeks, almost everything is setup and I now certainly know much more about the car than the Lexus dealership where I bought it, not to say that they did not give me excellent service. As far as I can tell, the car probably has a router in the boot and you need a subscription to that SIM to get the car to function as a Hotspot for your iPhone and you then might be able to mirror the Waze iPhone screen on the Navi screen but with the extra cost of a monthly subscription. Is that right ? And would the HUD then also work with WAZE - as it now does with the Lexus Navi ? Or did all this only become possible with the 2020 variant. And is there anyway of doing all this without getting into a new monthly SIM subscription ? Used to use maps and make a note with pencil and paper before setting out. Still do that sometimes ! Have things become easier ? Have we allowed our brains to become less active ? Many thanks !
  12. No, definitely not done at Halfords. Done by RS Telemetrics who are one of the National Companies that RoadAngel use for their installations. It was a brand new battery he killed. A Panasonic full flooded with removable cell caps for topping up - NOT AGM - that Lexus put in one week before I bought the car. As concerns jump starting it, he had to find out that you must do it via the =ve Post in the relay and fuse box in the engine bay. I can understand that, if you have never done such a Lexus Hybrid car before. The car is a 2018 RX450h Premier and only done 3800 miles. This morning I bought a Toyota drop in replacement battery - the correct size from my local Toyota main dealer. And with the necessary vent pipe outlet. And 540A instead of the Panasonic 460A. £96 versus £230 for the Panasonic one from Lexus. Might be interesting for other users to know that Toyota make a direct drop in replacement! And it is sealed, not open cells like the Panasonic! Fitted it myself with the misses helping and used the micro lithium pack to not lose power during the changeover as Herbie recommended. Problem over ! Thanks everybody - such a good forum.
  13. Thanks all for excellent info. The 12V Battery, since being drained by the RoadAngel installation, keeps on losing its charge. I have to jumpstart it via the engine bay posts. It starts immediately and then the battery readout is 13.5V. It is not any AGM. It is a 460A 60Ah wet cell with removable cell covers. 1. I assume this means the battery needs replacing and is not indicative of some other fault ? 2. When he car was stopped and started 20 times in 1 ½ hours, during the road angel installation, did that kill the battery or would that not kill a healthy battery. If they killed the battery, they are responsible for a new one. 3. I can change the battery myself but need to understand how to do it without disconnecting power so that I don't have any reset issues. I had big reset issues when the battery in my previous 2010 RX450h was removed. Lexus Tonbridge Wells insisted I needed a new £1000 boot lid motor. I insisted it just needed a reset. The argument went on and on. They were absolutely sure and ordered the boot lid motor from Japan. The day I was going to take the car to them to have the job done, it reset itself ..... So I don't want any reset issues when I change the battery which looks like what I will need to do. Hopefully when this is all answered, it will be the end of this topic ! Huge thanks to Herbs and Barry and everybody else.
  14. I see that this topic has been discussed quite a lot but sorry, I still have some questions : My new, four year old 450H, with only 3800 miles, has now had a RoadAngel Pure hard wired into it. The technician that did it had a lot of trouble finding the right wire to join into and stopped and started the car about 20 times over about 1 ½ hours. That drained the battery. No surprise there. I learned how to jump start the car from the engine bay because he had to find out how to do it. He used his huge booster jump start battery. Two days later the battery has insufficient power to start up again so I put it on trickle charge using my mains charger with the +ve post in the fuse box in the engine bay and -ve to a chassis nut and checked the following morning and the battery reads 12.59V on my digital meter which I understand is correct for a fully charged battery. Also the cells are nicely covered with liquid and don't need topping up with distilled water. So hopefully that is that. Two questions : For precaution, I am thinking of keeping in the car the Clarke Jumpstart Micro 400 which is one of the new Lithium Battery very small booster batteries - in case I get caught out again when not at home where I have my mains charger and engine starter. This Clarke is Starting 400A / Peak 800A. And it has really quite thin short cables - hugely thinner than the massive cables on the Technician's big Booster Pack. So, will this Clarke model jump start the car if the battery goes flat again ? My second question : The -ve post next to the red +ve post in the fuse box. It seems this should not be used for the -ve cable being used to jump start or charge the battery. Why not ? The clamps and cables on the Clarke would easily fit on both posts. is this permissible ? Is it only a precaution to use a chassis post or nut for the -ve cable, or mandatory ? Third Question : The small 12V battery in the boot. I do understand that this does not start the engine and it sets the relays and the computers and some ancillary equipment such as radio and lights. But is it a good idea to try and get a larger capacity battery ( if it will fit in the space ) to stop it becoming drained quite so easily ? Has anyone done this ? it seems that most batteries are too high to fit inside the space. Any help most appreciated !
  15. Thanks RXtoNX. Just the exact info I needed ! Yes, it all makes sense and it works perfectly now for my situation !
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