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  1. Hi all Just joined as Ive just got my Lexus two weeks ago. I'm a mechancic and have been looking after the car I have bought for the last 5 or 6 years and had always told the previous owner I would buy it when he was done with it. It has done 238000 miles and feels as tight as some 2 year old cars that I work on. I have known this car for ages and know its faults so I hope this is helpful. Power steering pump went at about 150k, the symptoms were noisy steering at rest and it felt notchy when turned. CD unit went wrong - Ebay replacement and really easy to fit. Front wheel bearing but to be fair its done galactic mileage but be warned they are expensive. The symptoms are a whine or droning noise when driving. Been reading about tyre wear problems, this is probably the front lower arms, you can get bush kits but its best to replace the arm, these were Lexus only bits and dear at about £110 per arm without the fitting. Grab the front wheel and pull it toward the front and back of the car, if they are shot you will see and feel movement, it will be obvious its too much. Front brake calipers need properly servicing else it will eat brake discs, they should be cleaned and the sliders copper slipped to prevent this. I would only fit quality discs and pads as Ive seen (not on this IS200) front pads without the heat dissipation groove and discs that rub the rear stone gaurd when the car is cornered from cheaper parts. Check for brake judder, make sure you get them hot on a test they shouldnt judder through the steering wheel. Not known a cambelt let go on a Lexus (I know it has happened) but the previous owner never had it done on mine in over 150k miles! This was a nightmare and would have written the car off at its mileage if I had been paying a garage bill. We had to access the flywheel to lock it as the bottom pulley would not come off even with an HGV impact tool. This would be my biggest warning, check it has had its belt and idlers. Sounds all doom and gloom but it really isnt, they are brilliant cars and I would highly recommend them. Cheers Tommo
  2. Welcome to the Lexus forums tommo750 :)