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  1. I would look at the following websites. I think they have tuning parts and upgrades for the Lexus GS: They only use the V8 engine here in Japan on the LS and SC. I know Blitz makes Superchargers for it. I have seen them at autoshows over here.
  2. I have Yokohama DNA GP's and I really do not recommend them. Three of my friends have them as well and they are really noisy on the road and wear down very fast since they are so soft. They don't stick very well in the rain.
  3. I finally got my new TT Sports Bumper cut, painted and installed:D
  4. The Altezza here in Japan all have that dash tray. It is supposed to be used for a GPS Navigation Monitor that opens up. If you don't get the option that is what comes with it.
  5. They have some good turbo kits for that engine in the states. But cahnging a na to turbo cost alot in labor... Car looks great
  6. I'll second that. This GS would be about 10 car lengths ahead before you'd figure out what hit you:lol:
  7. Thanks. Everything listed below. I am looking to upgrade my injectors and fuel pump next:!:
  8. My car's steering does the same ever since I got wider rims and tires
  9. Do you have HID fog lights Rodders? Also how are your small lights so bright? They're PIAA Xtreme Whites - the small lights are the main beam!
  10. In Japan the GS comes stock with a twin turbo set up. Here is mine.