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  1. Hi there everyone, i have just purchased my first lexus is250 2005 model fully loaded and i love the car,just a few things i would love a little help on... firstly the manual gearbox feels notchy, and i have to put a lot of pressure on brakes for them to do anything, (the car has done 70k with lexus FSH) Also i would love to know anyone who can reccommend anywhere to get a nice exhaust system, i was thinking stainless as dont want a noisy one (i had a Mr2 with a blitz exhaust, i took it off as it ruined the car!, i also would like to know of any other mods like tweaks for engine, but i want to keep tasteful, and original, if you can help me in any way, feel free to add me on f-book under my email address paulbt2008@aol dot com.i would be so grateful for some guidance or anyone who can make part for me, please get in touch, id love to hear from you Thanks Paul BT
  2. has anyone had any problems with siezed clamps as my brakes seem very heavy to use, like no assistance, i went to lexus and there mechanic said the clamps sieze up which is a common fault apparantly, and there 125 per corner to replace! anyone had this problem and any tips on fixing them could be very helpful, thanks
  3. hi i have a 2005 lexus IS250 72k, and only had it a few months, the brakes seem so hard to use, i have to put lot of pressure on pedal, in comparison to my range rover and ford focus. is this normal for is250 or is it just mine? thanks for help
  4. Hi there i have a 2005 lexus is250 manual, my brakes seem harder to use in comparison with say my 2007 range rover sport or 2001 ford focus, is this normal, or is it just my car, jus feels like you have to stamp on pedal to make it work, like theres no assistance?!!! any ideas?
  5. Welcome to the Lexus forums Paul BT :)