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  1. Happy Birthday Barry F Santon!

  2. I thought I'd add a comment. I replaced the radiator and fans £59.99 scrap yard. And all works perfectly now. Thank you for your advice.
  3. I had the same thing with mine. Temperature gauge not really moving above half way yet steam coming from under the bonnet. Only one fan working (the aircon fan on the left). So rather than pay load for a garage to tell me all sort, I bought a radiator with fans on ebay £59.99 and put that straight in. (Very easy to do) Temp goes to where it should, and when I put the aircon on both fans kick in. No more steam and runs like a dream. I would replace the connector and check the fuse. Hope this helped. Regards.
  4. Hi Barry, you'll probably find this guide quite useful: http://www.lexusowne...showtopic=46731 Also, I'm guessing you'll probably need to get hold of a replacement air vent unit which has just the empty compartment if you hadn't gathered already :) George Cheers George, Air vent sorted already. Funny really, cause I'm replacing the radiator with no probs but the satnav just seemed like too much could go wrong. Thanks again.
  5. Hi there, do you have a step by step guide on how to remove the satnav from the centre, I'm looking to take mine out and just put the center air vent in as I have satnav via the stereo. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I have an IS200 W plate 2000, and have just started to get the strange noise from the NRF wheel which occassionally sends vibrations through the steering to point where i have to pull over. This is usually remidied by a swift kick of the wheel. However, I have taken the wheel off, done the push pull, check brakes for wear and discs for warping but nothing, I even took it to the garage, and would you believe it, the car didn't do it once in the hour I was there. It does it about every 100 miles for a minute or so (no warning lights come on). That's one thing, the other is the radiator. temperature guage is showing normal, but every now and then I get steam coming out of the bonnett. The fluid levels are fine and not dropping though. Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. :eerrrmm: oh it's done just over 190k with everything else still working perfectly.
  7. Hi there, I had a look at my filter the other day, and all I done was squeezed both sides of the glovebox together, this allowed it to drop down and then just pulled the filter out, literally 20 seconds. If I had had a new one that would have put it to 25 seconds including the refit. Am I missing something, or am I just not getting the right filter. I have an IS200 yr 2000. Regards.
  8. Hi guys, sorry I haven't responded earlier, I drove to Disneyland Paris and back. (35mpg round trip, I was happy with that). I have had a look in the boot, and it does seem like it's just for a cd / dvd, but there's no eject button. It's not important as I have one via the stereo, I just thought I try to get it working. The pop up screen just stays blank, even with a change of batteries, so I might just change the unit for the space. Thank you for your comments.
  9. I recently landed a beautiful IS200 from the year 2000 and have tried to find a cartridge for the Sat Nav (the one in the boot to the right of the spare) but have drawn a blank, I have tried the local dealers here (Cornwall) but again no luck. Any ideas. I'm not sure of the make. But looks like it's standard, I've even tried the previous owner who live in the next town. Thanks . :iraqi-info-minister:
  10. About to take the old girl for a nice drive to Disneyland Paris. Place your bets on how often I have to fill up. Cornwall to Paris. Hmmm.

  11. Welcome to the Lexus forums Barry F Santon :)