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  1. Rolling Road Day Pics.

    Those tyres certainly have some mega-grip
  2. Blown Alternator Fuse

    Craig, welcome to the LOC. I'm afraid that I can't help, but you might get better response by posting this on the IS200 part of the forum as well. Hope someone points you in the right direction soon.
  3. New Is200

    That's beter, iff their is won thing I carnt stand it is paw speling.
  4. New Wheels

    Very smart, they should look good once fitted. I'm sure I saw that spoke pattern on a Jag just recently - it was the stud like embellishments at the rim-end of the spokes that caught my eye. Post some images when your done, I'm sure we'd all like to see the result.
  5. New Is200

    Although generally we try and get the spelling right. Welcome to the LOC and we all look forward to seeing those pichers.
  6. Is 250 Se-L Mm Auto

    Perhaps because like me, they can't view the photos. I get 'Sorry, you don't have permission to view this'. (yes I'm signed in) I mentioned this within the club months ago. I think only Gold members can view them - not quite the broad spectrum audience you might want.
  7. New Lexus Is250 Owner

    Welcome to the club. As an IS250 owner myself, I can tell you that you are in for a treat. As for fuel economy, don't have too much expectation. Drive sensibly and use cruise control where possible is the best advice I can give you. On average I seem to get around 37mpg, with less around town and B roads and better on long motorway journeys. Nice looking car by the way. How about some interior shots when you get it home.
  8. Horrific Condition Alloys

    It might be worth seeing if someone within the LOC has a used set they are trying to sell. Occasionally they come up. If they are half decent it might be better then getting a refurb.
  9. Horrific Condition Alloys

    It seems odd that anyone should be prejudiced against the Lexus, IS200 or any other. If they are going to go back to the base metal this shouldn't matter a jot, however if they are not going this far, they may be influenced by the fact that Lexus are notorious for having alloys with a short life.
  10. Lexus Cardiff Mini Review

    I bought my IS from Cardiff last year and had a few issues with the specification of the car. It was difficult communicating with the original salesman - but anyway I was not pleased. However I have since returned it for my first service and had a different experience. Natalie seems to be setting the standard, though I'm not sure how long she's been there. (My first experience with the service staff) It seems odd that the two dealerships (Bristol and Cardiff) are both part of the Sytner group. It just goes to show how good local management can really make a difference.
  11. I like the classic style of this model - now I want one.
  12. Advice On Cleaning...

    Is that the new Lexus I've heard so much about?
  13. If the alloys were refurbished before they sold it (assume 'they' is a dealership) they may consider that the refurb was not part of the warranty. However if you have other issues, I would make a polite fuss and see what the reaction is. I've never understood why there are so many problems with Lexus alloys and even more puzzled why, after a chance to put them right, they still deteriorate. 2007 is not particularly old for a Lexus and you should reasonably expect a good product for your money. What mileage is it? Whether you get a case study or not, I would make a firm but polite 'request' that these things be corrected. My approach has been to always start from a point of politeness and amiability, don't start stamping your feet until they actually refuse.
  14. Oddly enough I removed my cream mats and bought a set of charcoal grey to match the under carpet. I still have the originals and will fit them back if/when I ever sell. The ivory leather interior is great, but I found that the matching mats got very dirty/untidy very quickly despite being very careful about clean shoes etc. The greys are not Lexus but have the proper fittings and look good - and more importantly do not show the dirt.
  15. App Or Android?

    I hope so. It would be great to be able to catch up on the move with a simple app, rather that trying to navigate via a browser.